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Twins and Multiples

Expecting twins, triplets, or more? Learn the ins and outs of raising multiples, from pregnancy to parenting, so you're equipped for any and all situations.
Pregnant woman touching abdomen sitting chair
Causes and Risks of Superfetation of Twins
twins together in crib
When You're Planning a Twin Nursery for Your Babies
Twin newborns sleeping next to each other
Do Twin Girls Fare Better in the Womb Than Twin Boys?
Newborn Quintuplets
Quintuplet Babies Are 5 Offspring in a Single Birth
handsome l twin brothers hugging and standing in an urban scene
Do Identical Twins Have the Same DNA?
Twins eating berries
Does It Matter Which of Your Twins Is Older?
Twin babies sleeping next to each other
What to Know If You Have Twins Sleeping Together
Twin girls in identical dresses sitting on a cough
What Are Mono Mono Twins?
Twin girls holding hands
Is Twin Telepathy a Real Phenomenon?
Close-up of twin baby boys (6-9 months)
How Can Parents Tell Their Twins' Zygosity?
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Mistakes Parents Should Avoid When They Have Infant Twins
Sleep is Sacrificed with Newborn Twins
Co-Sleeping With Twins or Multiples
left-handed and right-handed twins
Scientific Research Explains Twin Hand Dominance and Preference
Twin girls (6-8), close-up
How Twins With Different Birthdays Are Possible
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Top Stupid Questions People Ask About Twins
before you buy a crib for twins
Before You Buy Cribs for Twins
Craniopagus parasiticus example like Manar Maged
Rare Cases of a Two-Headed Twin With One Body
Twin newborn boys
How Parents Can Be Prepared When Bringing Newborn Twins Home
The Gosselin Sextuplets: Hannah, Collin, Alexis, Leah, Joel and Aaden
General Information About Sextuplet Multiple Births
Female identical twins sharing a laptop.
College Can Be More Affordable for Twins and Multiples With Scholarships
newborn twins sleeping in blankets
What Kind of Help to Consider If You're Having Newborn Twins
Twin babies one crying
Heteropaternal Superfecundation Are Twins With Different Fathers
Premature Twins
The Consequences of Twins Who Are Born Early
Groups of twins at an outdoor festival
Examining the Rise in the Twin Birth Rate
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You Can Keep Your Twins Together in School With the Right Preparation
Wow, Four Babies! Learn More About Quadruplets
Tiny newborn twins
Is the Average Weight of Twins Less Than Singletons at Birth?
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Amazing Facts About Identical Twins
Parents playing with their twin babies
Helpful Life Hacks for Parents of Multiples
Twin Escalation Syndrome
Tips for Dealing with Twin Escalation Syndrome
Twin brothers dressed alike.
The Do's and Don'ts of Parents Dressing Their Twins Alike
Top 8 Ways to Help People Tell Your Twins Apart
Fact or Fiction: Do Twins Skip a Generation?
what are octuplets?
Octuplets Overvew and Statistics
Are twins built-in buddies?
The Benefits and Drawbacks of the Friendship of Twins
Twins in the NICU.
Advice for Parents of Preemie Twins in the NICU
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How Dichorionic Twins Are Formed in the Placenta
Father holding his infant triplets
How Triplets Can Be Identical
Is having twins the same as having two kids close in age?
Twins Are Not the Same as Having Two Children Born Close Together
Birth Control Pills and Twins
The Twin Effect and Getting Pregnant After Birth Control Pills
Twins born in different years
Unbelievable Stories of Twins Born in Different Years
Twin baby sister and brother
Are Identical Twins Always the Same Sex?
Fraternal Twins
What Are Fraternal Twins?
A mom reading a book to Irish twin boy and girl
Irish Twins: Definition, Origin, and What It Means for You
Adult twin sisters laughing together
Different Types of Twins
Twin baby girls seated at table, one being spoon-fed, the other girl chewing on her fist
How to Feed Twins Solid Foods at the Same Time
Mother breastfeeding twin baby boys (3-6 months), mid section
Correctly Positioning Your Twins for Breastfeeding
Identical twin baby boys facing opposite directions with their heads together
Tips to Help Parents Tell Identical Twins Apart
Conjoined Twins
Why Conjoined Twins Is a Natural Occurrence
Mixed race students with Down syndrome in classroom
Why Parents Should Keep Their Twins in the Same Class at School
Developing a sleeping schedule with twins
How to Get Your Twins on a Schedule
Identical twin baby girls
A Closer Look at the Fingerprint Patterns of Twins
Married with Multiples - Parenting Twins
How to Maintain Your Marriage After Multiple Babies
Mother feeding two week old fraternal twins.
How to Bottle Feed Two Babies at the Same Time
Woman weighing herself
What You Should Know About Weight Loss After Having Twins
Mother kissing twin babies.
To Buy Two? What You Should Know Before You Shop for Twins
How to Deal With Fighting Twins
Favorite book
Identifying Speech Delays in Multiples
Diapers for Twins
Cloth or Disposable: Which Diapers are Best for Twins?
Twin newborn boys
How to Understand the Terminology of Having Twins