7 Tips for Moving Your Toddler Into a New Bedroom

Transitions abound in a toddler's life, and while moving from the crib to the big kid bed is often discussed, moving a toddler into a new bedroom is another common transition for little ones expecting a new baby brother or sister. Here are seven ideas for easing the transition of moving your toddler into a new bedroom. 


Make the Transition Gradual

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As long as the new baby has not arrived, there's no need to move your toddler immediately. Instead, use the time you have to make a gradual transition into the new bedroom.

However, make sure the transition is complete long before a new sibling arrives. This will help you (hopefully) avoid feelings of jealousy that the new baby "pushed" the toddler out of his or her space. 


Make a Big Deal Out of the Move

Making the new "big kid room" sound really exciting before the move will likely help your toddler look forward to the switch.

Focus on the positives of the new room.

If it is a larger room, talk about how much space your toddler will have to play. If your child is into being a "big kid," referring to his or her old room as the "baby room" might also help them want to make the switch. 


Move Treasured Items

Start by bringing some of your toddler's favorite items into the new room — like her stuffed animals or toys. Plan to spend time in the room playing before you make the move. In addition, try bringing her new room into the nightly bedtime routine before the switch. Start by reading a bedtime story in the new room. 


Get Your Toddler Involved

A great way to do this if you are planning to move your little one into a new bedroom is to include him or her in choosing new decorations. You don't have to hand over complete creative control, but you can involve your toddler in the process by providing him or her with choices, like deciding between two colors of paint or picking out a set of sheets.

Involving your toddler with a transition makes the change feel less scary and unknown, and gives your toddler a sense of control over the situation.


Keep the Bedtime Routine the Same

When a toddler is transitioning into a new bedroom, it's important to keep the bedtime routine as normal as possible. This is not the time to change the time a toddler goes to bed or switch things up. Understanding what's going to happen next will help a toddler adjust more quickly to new surroundings. 


Minimize the Changes

Moving to a new "big kid" room often seems like a great opportunity to move a toddler from a crib to a big kid bed. But, only do this if your toddler is truly ready for a bed.

If they have not outgrown the crib, moving it into the new room will help ease the transition. 


Celebrate the Switch

Making big changes is cause for celebration, and toddlers love few things more than a party in their honor. Once the big kid bedroom is complete, throw a small celebration to commemorate the change and help build excitement about the switch. Point out all the new and special items in the room, and consider getting your toddler a small, surprise trinket as a treat. 

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