10 Movies Gifted Children Will Love

What child doesn't enjoy watching a good movie? Gifted children are certainly aren't any different, but some movies may be more appealing to them than other movies. These are movies that feature gifted characters, like Belle in Beauty and the beast or traits like honor or themes like fantasy or heroics. Here are ten good movies that will appeal to gifted kids.


It's little wonder that gifted kids love Harry Pottter. Harry Potter is a boy with qualities gifted kids possess or admire such as courage, loyalty, and honor. The Harry Potter stories also include themes that are important to gifted kids like love and friendship. Many gifted kids also identify with Harry, who doesn't quite fit in anywhere, who is different. He often feels alone and isolated and always struggles to do the right thing. He is smart, but he doesn't excel in school. It is possible to see many reflections of giftedness in the Harry Potter stories.

The Harry Potter movies bring the characters and the stories to life.


The possibility of extra-terrestrial life has intrigued people all for decades, if not for centuries. This movie is a story about that possibility. It is heartwarming and especially appealing to gifted children because of so many of them love fantasy and outer space. More than that, the story appeals to their empathy for others and also their sense of honor. Gifted kids will be engrossed by the story of two children's attempt to help E.T. get back home.


This is a must-see movie for any gifted kid who loves space. Just about every kind of gifted teen is depicted in this movie: the "brain," the kid who doesn't care, the girl who seems to dumb down.... They all manage to work together when the shuttle they're on actually blasts off into outer space!

My son watched this movie for the first time when he was about six-years-old and from the first moment wanted nothing more than to go to Space Camp. We managed to go when he was eight.


Matilda is a precocious little girl who has special abilities and whose parents don't understand her. It's no wonder, though: they are uncaring and pretty unethical characters, while Matilda is senstive and moral. Matilda feels alone and is treated quite unkindly at the horrible school her parents send her to. Her only friend is her teacher. The story does have a happy ending!


Harriet is a young girl who aspires to be a writer -- and a spy. She loves to write down her observations about life and people, including her best friends. Unfortunately for Harriet, her notebook ends up in the wrong hands and her friends learn all about the comments Harriet has written about them. Gifted kids will enjoy this movie for a number of reasons; for one, many of them are attracted to spy activities and many others like to write and keep journals.

An issue this movie covers is the supposed objective reporting of people that the objects of the reporting might not see as so objective. This is an issue that some gifted kids need to deal with in their own lives.


The story of Little Man Tate is the story of a profoundly gifted little boy, his mother, and his search to be accepted for who he is. What is so interesting about this story is that it demonstrates that while gifted kids aren't walking brains, their intellectual needs can't be ignored. Tate's mother considers his emotions over his intellect while the director of Tate's new school considers his intellect over his emotions. It's not until the two come together that Tate finds real happiness. Many gifted kids will relate to what Tate has to go through.


This movie is based on a true story, which makes it all the more inspiring. The kids in the story are from a very poor coal-mining town and whose futures are tied to coal-mining. But they have an interest in space and rocketry and that interest is fostered and encouraged by one of their teachers. However, the movie is about more than just the boys and their interest in rocketry. It's a truly inspirational story about family, hope, faith, and perseverance in the face of all odds. One of the boys in the story eventually ended up as, among other things, an aerospace engineer for NASA.


This is a movie for the older kids, particularly those who love high fantasy (e.g. Lord of the Rings). There is an evil queen, a special child, fantastic creatures, and of course, a battle against good and evil -- all the ingredients of a good fantasy. The title character is played by Warwick Davis, who played Professor Flitwick in the Harry Potter movies.


Billy Elliot is a young boy whose father wants him to learn the manly sport of boxing, but who discovers a love and incredible talent for ballet. Billy loves for ballet makes him a misfit and creates a rift between him and his coal-miner, working class father. It's a story of love, perseverance, understanding and support. Gifted boys who are exceptionally sensitive will appreciate Billy' struggles -- even if they don't aspire to become ballet dancers. Any gifted sensitive boy who doesn't pursue the typical male pursuits, such as basketball and other sports, will no doubt relate to Billy.


This story is about Alex, a boy who lives in a trailer part and who loves to play video games. He find himself recruited to be a gunner by an alien defense force. What is wonderful about this story, aside from the sheer fun of space battles against good and evil, is the value of the recognition of ability and the hope it brings with it. Alex, after his space battles, knows he is destined for more than living out his life in his dreary trailer park.