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What Does Mia Mean?

The name Mia originated from Maria—which is derived from the Hebrew name Miryam. Mia is believed to originally stem from the ancient Egyptian word Mr, which means beloved.

The name has since come to be linked to the Italian word mia, meaning mine, and is also recognized as a derivation from the Slavic word Mila, meaning dear or darling.

  • Origin: The name Mia originated as a nickname and wasn't first recorded as a given name in the U.S. until the 1960s. Mia has roots in Latin languages like Spanish and Italian, as well as Hebrew. It's also common in Scandinavian countries as an abbreviation of Maria. A popular Israeli name, Mia is often an abbreviation of Michal.
  • Gender: Mia is historically the feminine form of the name. Mio is both feminine and masculine. Mio is a girl's name of Japanese origin meaning beautiful or cherry. Mio is a popular boys' name in Sweden and Germany.
  • Pronunciation: Me-yah

Although many baby names are separated by gender, Verywell Family believes that sex does not need to play a role in your name selection process. It’s important to select a name that you feel suits your new baby the best.

How Popular Is the Name Mia?

Mia is—and has been—having a moment. The name is derived from Maria but has actually surpassed it in popularity. It first started to be used in the 1960s and gained in popularity throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

Mia is the 8th most popular girls name in the US, according to 2020 Social Security Administration data. The 3-letter name has consistently ranked in the top ten since 2009, and top 50 since 2002.

Name Variations

  • Maria (Hebrew, Egyptian)
  • Mary (Hebrew, Egyptian)
  • Maryam (Arabic, Iranian, and Hebrew)
  • Michal (Hebrew, Iranian)
  • Miryam (Hebrew, Egyptian)
  • Miriam (Hebrew, Egyptian)

Similar Names

  • Amia
  • Amelia
  • Emilia
  • Eva
  • Maya
  • Miette
  • Mila
  • Malia
  • Mira
  • Miyuh
  • Pia
  • Stella

Other girl names that start with M:

  • Marisa
  • Maisie
  • Maya
  • Mae
  • Melanie
  • Mildred
  • Molly
  • Monica
  • Monique
  • Maxine

Common Nicknames

Common nicknames for Mia include:

  • Mai
  • Maja
  • Mama
  • Miami
  • Mimi
  • Mim

Suggested Sibling Names

  • Liam
  • Mason
  • Max
  • Noah
  • Ava
  • Isabel
  • Molly
  • Sofia

Famous People Named Mia

A notable Mia in the U.S. is Mia Farrow (born Maria). As a baby name, Mia entered the top 1,000 list for the first time in 1964, coinciding with the exact time Farrow gained attention for her role, Allison Mackenzie on the nighttime soap "Peyton Place." She also starred as Rosemary Woodhouse in 1968's "Rosemary's Baby."

Farrow has appeared in more than 50 films and won numerous awards, including a Golden Globe Award and three BAFTA Award nominations.

Famous Mias:

  • Mariel Margaret "Mia" Hamm-Garciaparra, retired professional American soccer player, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and two-time FIFA Women's World Cup champion
  • Mia Tyler, American actress and the daughter of Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler
  • Mia Martini, Italian singer and songwriter
  • Ludmya "Mia" Love, American political commentator and politician who served as the U.S. Representative for Utah's 4th congressional district from 2015 to 2019

Famous Marias:

  • Maria Yuryevna Sharapova, former professional Russian tennis player
  • Maria Menounos, American entertainment reporter, television personality, professional wrestler, actress, and businesswoman
  • Maria Theresa Walburga Amalia Christina, the only female ruler of the Habsburg dominions, ruling from 1740 until her death in 1780

Ficitional Mias:

  • Mia Toretto, the main female protagonist and tritagonist portrayed by Jordana Brewster of the "Fast and the Furious" franchise
  • Mia Thermopolis, the protagonist portrayed by Anne Hathaway in "The Princess Diaries" and its sequel
  • Mia Wallace, a fictional character portrayed by Uma Thurman in the 1994 Quentin Tarantino film "Pulp Fiction"
  • Mia, voiced by Allegra Clark in the "LEGO Friends: Girls on a Mission" series
  • Mia, Molly's baby sister in the beloved Nick Jr. cartoon, "Bubble Guppies"

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