Maternity Clothes for Moms of Multiples

What to Wear When You're Pregnant with Twins

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Peggy Fitzgibbons has spent more time pregnant with twins than most moms. She's a mom of not just one, but two sets of twins. So she is quite familiar with the frustration of finding maternity clothes during twin pregnancy. "During both of my twin pregnancies, I simply couldn't find any clothes that fit in the third trimester," she explains. "Only extra-large maternity clothes would fit me in the belly, but then they would hang on me like a tent elsewhere..."

Bigger Bellies: Maternity Clothes for Twins

When you're pregnant with twins, triplets or more, finding clothes that fit can be quite a challenge. Not only do you need maternity sizes and styles earlier in your pregnancy, but you will outgrow your options in double time. By 28 weeks, you may be the same size as a full-term singleton mom! The girth of a twin mom's belly can be several inches larger than bellies with a single baby, and many maternity clothes just aren't designed to accommodate them. Going up in size may give room in the middle but presents an awkward fit everywhere else.

Fitzgibbons decided to put her experience to work, literally. She started a company,, selling maternity clothing specifically made for mothers of multiples. She offers the following suggestions for moms of multiples shopping for maternity clothes.

"It’s hard to imagine how big your belly is going to get when you are pregnant with multiples! For multiples, maternity clothes are designed to grow with you. After working with many moms pregnant with multiples, we developed a sizing chart (listed on the website) which helps moms determine what size they need to buy in advance."

Shopping for Maternity Clothes When You're Having Twins

Look for the following factors in maternity clothing:

  • Stretch
  • Comfort
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Lots of extra room in the belly!

She recommends lightweight tunics with a ¾ sleeve because they will work across the seasons and in most climates. Look for tops that are a bit more fitted at the top, and then very stretchy at the bottom. That way they can grow with you during the pregnancy. In addition, she suggests investing in a pair of basic black and a pair of khaki pants to match with everything. "You don’t need to give up your sense of fashion just because you are pregnant with multiples. With a little creativity, you can create a great look that shows the world how happy you are to be pregnant with twins or more!"

The clothes at were designed with input from many moms of multiples, including a mom of quadruplets, so they will work for moms of higher order multiples also. The clothing is custom designed and manufactured in the United States. The site offers tops, bottoms, and dresses in a casual, fashionable style that can be incorporated into a professional wardrobe. Says Fitzgibbons, "The clothes really help expectant moms feel stylish and comfortable at the same time." Consult the size chart to find the best fit in sizes 4-18.

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