10 LGBTQ+ Parent Influencers to Follow

A couple at a Pride event

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June may be most one of the most festive months on the calendar, as it provides us with 30 days to celebrate Pride and equality within the LGBTQ+ community. Pride month is celebrated worldwide and pays homage to the Stonewall Riots of June 1969.

Many cities host large Pride parades. And you can celebrate with your family by marching along, doing rainbow-themed crafts, talking to kids about gender identity, or simply showcasing families that are proudly part of the community.

We want to highlight some of our favorite LGBTQ+ parent influencers that you may want to follow. Whether you’re a part of the community yourself and looking for a little inspiration on what to do with your kids, or simply want to smile looking at photos of other loving families, here is a list of 10 LBGTQ+ influencers you should be following.


Vanessa and her wife Jory live in Southern California with their two kids, Axel and Lexa. The couple has been together for more than 11 years and show off their adorable, family to their almost 15,000 followers. 

Vanessa's page features relatable and informative advice. For instance, she revealed to followers that before trips she needs to research for hours to make sure the family heads to a “gay-friendly” place. She’s also an inspiration to many people who may be unsure or afraid of coming out as LGBTQ+.

“At what point do we learn to embrace our true selves? 🌈 I was 9 years old when I realized I was different," Vanessa wrote on Instagram. "And I was 24 when I finally came out. That's 15 years of hiding—15 years of pretending to be someone else.”

Her content is inspiring for anyone who is feeling a lack of confidence or uncertainty about living their truth.

Rob Taylor

Just in time for some fun in the sun, be sure to check out Rob Taylor’s Instagram and website 2TravelDads. What Taylor dubs as the “original LGBT Family Travel blog” features posts on how to plan a road trip, how to explore the Florida Keys on a budget, and how to snorkel in Cabo San Lucas. The Florida-based blogger has two boys, Elliott and Oliver, with husband Chris.

His Instagram has highlights of what to do and where to stay from South Beach, Florida, to Carson City, Nevada. His brand new book, "The Road Trip Survival Guide," seems like the perfect family must-have for the summer of 2021.


Krystian is a Florida-based blogger who shares her stunning family with her 45,000+ followers. Along with wife Caitlyn, Krystian shares their adventures with kids Grey and Hayes.

She tackles issues such as how to pick a sperm donor and the racial injustices she has faced as a Black woman. There is also information on her pregnancy struggles, specifically dealing with hyperemesis gravidarum, as well as feelings of isolation and depression.

Despite covering heavy topics, there is a lot of joy on her page, as well, like family trips to LEGOLAND, pro-breastfeeding posts, and more.

Terrell & Jarius Joseph

These influencers have almost 300,000 followers on Instagram, a weekly podcast, 1.4 million followers on TikTok, and a rapidly growing YouTube channel. The dads blog everything from viral dances to mastering a French braid in their daughter’s hair and showing off their new puppy, Romeo.

Their 3-year-old kids, Ashton and Aria, are just five weeks apart in age. The Atlanta-based couple is celebrating their 10 year anniversary in 2021. We love seeing their coordinated outfits and their love story continuing to unfold.


Raffinee and wife Micaela live in the Bay Area of California with their three children Mateo, Luca, and Lola. Their three kids are just 7.5 months apart in age, but this family handles the chaos of raising a trio with ease. That’s not to say Raff is not open and honest about the struggles she's faced on her Instagram page for her 158K followers, as well as on her blog, Raff Out Loud.

“We easily spent well over $25,000 on our journey to motherhood,” she writes on one post, and talks about challenges she faced while breastfeeding, conceiving, and coming to terms with her sexuality.

The family also follows a vegan diet, and Raff shares everything from her favorite vegan beauty products to her top Bay Area vegan food on her website.

Morgan & Alejandra

Morgan & Alejandra of Two Moms In Motion welcomed their baby Alaia in November of 2020. Based in Toronto, Canada, the pair shares how they are navigating newborn life with their 42,500 followers. They started documenting their journey on Instagram in July of 2020, in the height of the pandemic.

On their blog, Two Moms In Motion, the couple writes: “Followers from around the world expressed support in us sharing our story and for normalizing gay families. We acknowledge that we live in an accepting community (bubble) in Toronto. However, many people globally are not able to live authentic and transparent lives because of fear."

The women hope that by making their lives public, it will inspire others to live life on their own terms. They also wish to be a "source of positivity and inspiration.” The duo are open about their 10-year age gap, and are also passionate about rescuing dogs.

Burton B. Buffaloe and Dustin P. Smith

This seemingly magazine-worthy family share their lives with their 300K Instagram followers and 96K YouTube subscribers. North Carolina-based dads Dustin and Burton are open about their surrogacy story and how they are raising their twins, Stone and Holland. They even sprinkle in some gardening tips on their pages.

The fitness-oriented dads post their current favorite children's books, how they divide household responsibilities, and snaps from recent vacations (including a stunning trip to Kennebunkport, Maine). The two always seem to be smiling and just radiate positivity.

Joey Gonzalez and Jonathan Rollo

Fitness entrepreneur Joey Gonzalez has two kids—Jake and Frankie—with his husband, professional chef Jonathan Rollo. Gonzalez is the CEO of Barry’s Bootcamp, so the entire family enjoys fitness activities and loves adventure.

The bi-coastal family frequently posts gorgeous shots from around the country. New York, Chicago, Miami—we never know where they will pop up next! In fact, the couple had this to say about an upcoming adventure they revealed on IG: "The Gonzollo Summer adventures begin. We chose to live a nomadic life for the next 80 days. Wish us luck."

Sam Conway

This Canada-based lifestyle Influencer does not have any children yet, but she is incredibly open about her journey to conceive. In May 2020, she picked her sperm donor alongside her wife Allie. She’s documented a failed IUI to her over 90K followers and revealed that the couple has nine frozen embryos.

Conway has done all of this during a global pandemic, and hopes to inspire other women to feel less alone. “Undergoing fertility treatments in the middle of a pandemic is weird to say the least," Conway writes on one post. "I have to go to all of my appointments alone. Allie isn’t allowed to come with me to any appointments and that includes our IUIs.”

We’re really rooting for this couple!

Jake Graf & Hannah Graf

The happily married, London-based trans couple welcomed daughter, Millie, in April 2020 thanks to a surrogate. Both Jake and Hannah’s pages are inspirational for those who are trans and feel that the idea of a spouse and a child/children is a pipe dream.

“For all those trans parents of the future, please don’t worry that you won’t be good enough, that you may not have a biological link to your child, or that you won’t be the best parent in the world. As long as you shower your little one with unconditional love, all will be well,” Hannah writes on her page.

Hannah was previously a captain in the British Army, and even has a photo with Prince William. Jake is an actor, writer, and director. He is also outspoken about helping trans youth, in particular, since his childhood was spent in "deep despair," he writes.

By Dory Zayas
Dory Zayas is a freelance beauty, fashion, and parenting writer. She spent over a decade writing for celebrity publications and since having her daughter in 2019, has been published on sites including INSIDER and Well+Good.