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Learning Disabilities

What if you suspect your child has a learning disability? Take the first step in helping them by understanding the basics of learning disabilities and more.
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How Can You Teach Short Vowels With Flash Cards?
Father helping his son with schoolwork
Learning Disabilities in Expressive Language
School children practice reading troubled with Dyslexia
Have Your Child Evaluated for Dyslexia so She Can Qualify for Services
Teacher helping student use computer
Specific Learning Disabilities That Commonly Affect Students
Classroom Students
How Brain Injury Can Cause Learning Disabilities
Mother and Son Do Homework Together
What Are the Effects of Basic Writing Disabilities on Students?
Parents read to their young child.
How to Teach a Child Early Sight Word Skills at Home
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When a Preschool Child's Speech and Language Delays Warrant Therapy
Teacher and students watch a classmate succeed in school.
How to Still Succeed in School With Nonverbal Learning Disability
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Learning Disability Advantages and Challenges in the Workplace
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Did You Know Some Disabilities in Children May Be Prevented?
Young girl taking a test
How Tests Can Determine If Your Child Has a Learning Disability
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Kinds of Programs Schools Should Provide for Your Dyslexic Child
The Wizcom Technologies ReadingPen.
The Wizcom ReadingPen Can Help People With Dyslexia Read Better
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How Positive Reinforcement Improves Behavior in Special Needs Students
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Why Students With Disabilities Are Prone to Academic Underachievement
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How to Manage Hyperactive Children in Class and at Home
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Why Read Along Audio Books May Help Your Child Be a Better Reader
Teachers put together accommodation plans for some students.
When and How Accomodation Plans Are Used in Schools
A girl struggles with a math problem.
What Does it Mean to Have a Learning Disability in Applied Math?
A girl writes with her left hand.
Is Left-Handedness a Sign of a Learning Disability?
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Signs of Trouble in 4th Grade That Parents Should Look For
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Why Person-First Language Is Used to Talk About Disabilities
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How to Help People Cope With Learning Disablities
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Shy Children With Learning Disabilities Can Learn to Make Friends
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Make Scented Gelatin Paint as a Teaching Tool for Children
Do More Boys Than Girls Have Learning Disabilities?
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Is Your Kindergartner Showing Signs of a Learning Problem?
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Easy Ways for Special Needs Children to Make Friends
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Assessment, Evaluation, and Teaching Tools for Dyslexia
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Signs of Student Trouble in Third Grade
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Assessing ESL Students for Learning Disabilities Is a Complex Process
A girl struggles with schoolwork.
When Fifth Graders Show Signs of Trouble
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Common Signs of Speech Delays Parents Should Look for in Children
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8 Tips to Recognize Early Signs of Learning Disabilities
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How Developmental Delays Are Assessed in Childhood
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Learning Disabilities in Written Expression
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What You Should Know About Learning Disabilities
Boy having problems in finishing homework
Tips for Dealing With Learning Disabilities in Basic Reading Skills
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Word Lists Help Students Memorize Important Life Words
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Improving Your Child's Attention and Staying on Task
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Overview of Dysgraphia Writing Disorder
How to Help Learning Disabilities in Basic Math Skills
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Test Scores Are Used for Many Types of Assessments
Asian boy writing in workbook in classroom
Details on the Learning Disability Dyslexia
Parents reading a picture book with their daughter.
How to Help Your Child Learn Long Vowels With Phonics
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Importance of TONI Tests of Nonverbal Intelligence
Child seeing a therapist
How Analytical Psychologists Can Help People With Learning Disabilities
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Why and How Adults Can Be Tested for Learning Disabilities
2nd grade learning problems
Parents Should Watch for Signs If They Think a Child Has School Problems
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How an Individualized Education Program (IEP) Can Help Your Child
Why Students With Learning Disabilities Have Decoding Word Problems
Students taking test in classroom
Your Guide for Understanding Your Child's Standardized Test Scores
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Strategies and Tips for Helping Your Child Become More Motivated
Boy reading
The Positives and Negatives of Grade Retention in Schools
Mixed race student counting on fingers in classroom
How the Learning Disability in Math Called Dyscalculia Is Diagnosed
An image of a bullied child comforted by an adult.
Children With Learning Disabilities Can Also Have Behavior Problems
dyslexia tutoring
The 6 Best Online Dyslexia Tutoring Services of 2022