10 Inspiring Latina Mommy Bloggers to Follow

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Parenting can be quite a journey. You may sometimes find yourself in unfamiliar territory and realize that you have endless unanswered questions.

Perhaps you are looking at ways to lose pregnancy weight or want to know how to create a healthy diet for your family. Maybe you want some tips on how to balance work while being a busy mom or learn ways to raise bilingual and multicultural kids.

When you find yourself struggling, it helps to turn to mommy bloggers who love to share practical tips and advice for navigating motherhood. They often share their stories authentically and unapologetically. You can rely on their stories as motivation and inspiration to push through tougher days.

Latina mommy bloggers bring the unique perspective of their culture, language, and life experiences into the parenting journey. Here are 10 Latina mom bloggers we love.

Laura Fuentes

Laura Fuentes knows how to juggle multiple aspects of her life at once. She has kept herself busy through the years: tackling a fast-paced career in the corporate world, raising three babies, working from home, and eventually founding her own company.

Fuentes started her blog in 2010. She wrote about her experiences as a mom. She also shared recipes she created for her family. When she experienced a huge health scare from exhaustion, she decided to put her health and well-being first.

This led to an overhaul of the content on her blog. What started as a blog about family stories and recipes now also helps moms achieve personal and professional goals. Expect parenting tips, articles on self-care, information on healthy eating, and advice for achieving work-life balance. Articles run the gamut from "Starting a Workout Routine When You Have Kids" to "How To Make Your Dreams a Reality."

In 2021, Fuentes took on her next venture: founding MOMables, a healthy meal-planning service for families. MOMables was created after Fuentes struggled to find healthy wholesome recipes that her daughter would like for school lunch (instead of less nutritious prepackaged meals).

To date, MOMables has helped approximately 80,000 families eat better with meal plans, healthy diet programs, and recipes. The goal is to give families the resources they need to reduce sugar and processed foods from their diets.

Fuentes has also written five cookbooks and made appearances on the "TODAY Show," "Good Morning America," Univision, and Telemundo.

Marinés Duarte

Marinés Duarte is a mother of four young children, lifestyle expert, entrepreneur, and blogger. She also had a successful career in the magazine world. Her resume includes eight years as group publisher for “Cosmopolitan,” “Harper’s Bazaar,” and “Buenhogar” for the U.S. Hispanic Market and Latin America, followed by two years of leading a digital media company.

After leaving the corporate world, Duarte founded En Tus Zapatos, a multimedia platform and blog for women. There, she shares advice for meeting challenges that many women face, such as finding a balance as a working mother. She also creates content around self-care, beauty, fashion, and fitness. Rely on her to share styling tips for dressing kids in trendy clothes.

Her latest venture is the Warrior Princess (or Princesas Guerrera) project, which she created to help raise awareness around gender inequality and mistreatment of women. This project is dedicated to helping women who are battling physical, mental, psychological, and workplace abuse. “Latinas are a perfect combination of a warrior and a princess,” says Duarte on her website.

Vanessa Bell

Vanessa Bell is a mom of two young kids and the founder of the blog De Su Mama where she shares musings about raising a multiracial family. There is also content pertaining to travel and food—much of which embraces her and her husband's cultures. Expect everything from tips on coping with after-school meltdowns to curly-hair beauty advice.

De Su Mama, which means “from your mother,” was born out of Bell’s desire to capture the love letters she wrote to her daughter as she was growing up.

Bell, who is currently based in Cuba, believes that moms play a powerful role in passing down the family legacy and cultural heritage to the next generation. “We all have moments in our lives when we feel insecure in our identity—even as multiracial moms, it’s often hard to know if we’re getting it right,” says Bell in her blog.

Joscelyn Ramos Campbell

Joscelyn Ramos is a bilingual and bicultural mom of four boys. The oldest is in college and she has identical twins in junior high. Ramos's youngest, who has autism, is in kindergarten.

Born in New York to Cuban and Puerto Rican parents, Ramos is the founder of Mami Innovative Media and the creator of Mami of Multiples. It is a parenting and lifestyle website that she started when her twin babies arrived. 

The Florida-based mom uses her blog to share tips and resources for others, such as "Time Saving Hacks for Back-To-School Mornings." There are also plenty of parenting-related articles, including kid-friendly meal ideas, family outing guides, and "surviving" the holidays with a family.

Mami of Multiples is also a helpful resource for parents who have children with special needs. Find tips for helping your child get into a school routine and how to create a sensory diet.

Ramos is no stranger to success. Besides being an award-winning former federal government spokesperson, she has also been recognized by "Latina" magazine as one of “37 Latina Bloggers You Must Know in 2014” and one of “The 10 Best Latina Mommy Bloggers.” She was also awarded the TECLA Award in 2016, which highlights the achievements of top Latinx and multicultural content creators.

Rory Lassanske

In 2009, Rory Lassanske decided to take a break from her career as a TV producer to start her blog, Mamá Contemporánea. The Venezuelan native and Texas resident writes about her life as a modern mom in the U.S. raising multicultural children.

She shares stories about her two children, Chloe and Chris, and focuses on topics of interest for Spanish-speaking Hispanic mothers. Lassanske even curates product reviews for Latina moms seeking descriptions in Spanish.

Expect articles on a range of subjects, including maternity, pregnancy, children, recipes, and fashion. She also discusses being an entrepreneur, using green technology, and travel.

You can find Mamá Contemporánea on YouTube, with over 36,000 subscribers. The video content echoes that of the blog, including additional product reviews, lifestyle tips, recipes, family, and more.

Lassanske was named one of the 100 influencers on "Yo Soy el Artista," an American talent show produced by the Telemundo TV network.

Elayna Fernández

Elayna Fernández is a Dominican mom to four daughters, two of whom are teenagers. The Texan is known for her bestselling books, transformational programs, and highly-acclaimed blog, The Positive Mom. The focus of her blog is to inspire women to be positive moms, recognize their self-worth, and raise their kids on their own terms.

The Positive Mom reads like Fernández's diary. Learn about her life stories and experiences as a single mom who survived extreme poverty, an abusive and dysfunctional childhood, and homelessness. She also discusses parenting, entrepreneurship, and life coaching.

Expect articles that help moms transform their lives, work on themselves and foster positive growth when it comes to motherhood and building businesses. You will also find tips, tools, and training for how to improve your digital capabilities and branding.

Fernández's writing has gained her worldwide popularity and recognition. She has been awarded "Best Latina Lifestyle Blogger of 2016" and "Top Latina Digital Influencer" by Latinos in Tech Innovation and Social Media (LATISM) for two years in a row. She was also recognized as "Top Family and Parenting Creator" at the 2017 TECLA awards.

Maritere Rodríguez-Bellas

Maritere Rodríguez-Bellas has quite the resume, dating back to her early writing days in the '90s. She is now an international award-winning bilingual, bicultural Latina author, parenting expert, speaker, podcast host, and digital influencer who currently lives in Los Angeles. The Puerto Rico native is mom to two adult children of Hispanic, Greek, and American heritage.

When she realized there was a dearth of parenting resources for Latinx immigrant parents raising bilingual and bicultural children, she decided to create her own content. She has since become a voice for Latina mothers going through similar experiences.

For 12 years, she wrote a highly regarded parenting column in “La Opinión” newspaper, one of the largest Spanish-language newspapers in the country. She also offered parenting advice in various other publications, such as "Ser Padres" and "Healthy Kids en Español".

Rodríguez-Bellas then started a parenting blog in 2014, in which she shares bilingual and bicultural tips, book reviews, and parenting advice. She is also known for her in-depth interviews. She has chatted with everyone from entrepreneurs to medical professionals and parenting experts.

Additionally, Rodríguez-Bellas features Latina women who are making a difference in their communities and around the world. Her articles provide insight for immigrants who are trying to find a balance between the culture they left behind and the one they are adopting in a new country.

Jennifer Hernandez

Jennifer Hernandez, also known as Jenny The Voice, is a former radio host who began her career in Guatemala. She emigrated to the United States in 2004.

Hernandez started her blog, Jenny Day By Day, in 2015. And she officially put her radio career in Washington, D.C on hold. Her children, Sofía and Diego, are now eight and five years old.

In her blog, Hernandez shares content on bilingual parenting, celebrations (including DIY decoration ideas), fashion, and product reviews. Find articles on home improvement, such as how to get your kitchen spotless or the best household technology. She also provides her favorite Guatemalan recipes, including chicken with Loroco cream sauce and atol de Plátano (banana atole).

As an Instagram influencer, Hernandez shares a behind-the-scenes look at her family life with 18K followers.

Silvia Martínez

Silvia Martínez is a Mexican mompreneur, bilingual blogger, and mom to two young boys. Before moving to California 16 years ago, she worked as a university instructor and human resources executive for eight years. In 2009, she founded Mama Latina Tips, an award-winning Spanish-English blog where she shares articles and resources for families.

On her blog, Martínez covers a range of topics. There are articles on beauty and skincare; and if you like freebies, she often offers product giveaways. You can also find content on food (with plenty of recipes), travel, health, and home improvement (such as cleaning tips and storage solutions). When it comes to parenting, she writes about everything from crafting ideas to her family's own Disney experiences.

In 2012, Martínez founded Mama Latina Tips Media, a business that offers consulting services to companies in both English and Spanish. Martínez was named one of the “Top 10 Best Latina Mommy Bloggers” by "Latina" magazine and “Bilingual Influencer of the Year” for 2016-2017 by LATISM.

María Sierra

María Sierra is a young mom of two girls and the co-founder of La Cooquette—which is both a blog and a YouTube channel. Born in Honduras, she considers herself to be a global citizen having lived and studied in Spain, Panama, Mexico, and the United States. She now lives in Tijuana, Mexico, and shares stories about her foodie adventures, recipes, and lifestyle tips for moms.

Sierra's blog is also a hub of parenting, pregnancy, and baby-related content. She shares personal stories, such as her experience giving birth during the pandemic. There are also tips on co-parenting and a list of her favorite books for toddlers.

The success of Sierra's blog led to the co-creation of her popular YouTube channel, which has over 1.22 million subscribers. Along with her husband, Sierra creates culinary travel short stories and recipe videos. Most of their videos are quirky and fun, highlighting Sierra's energetic personality. In 2014, Sierra created a separate English-language version of her main channel called La Cooquette Food.

Sierra's unique style of content creation has garnered recognition from around the world. She has been named one of the five “Latino American Stars Latinos Need to Follow” (alongside Carolina Herrera, Jorge Ramos, and Sofía Vergara) by the "Latin Post."

By Meena Azzollini
Meena Azzollini is a health and wellness content creator with experience covering parenting, women's health, and mental health. She specializes in creating effective content for various health and wellness-based businesses and empowers them with words that make a connection with their audience.