Krissi Danielsson


  • Author of After Miscarriage, published by Harvard Common Press in February 2008.
  • Created a website to provide information on recurrent miscarriages
  • Advocate for those coping with pregnancy loss


Krissi Danielsson is a former writer for Verywell Family covering miscarriage and pregnancy loss. She is the author of After Miscarriage, published by Harvard Common Press in February 2008.

Krissi lost her first, second, and third pregnancies in the first trimester in 2001-2002. She was disappointed in the available support resources, particularly for recurrent miscarriages, so she began to research and ultimately built her popular website, the Recurrent Miscarriage Information Center. She also served for two years as the miscarriage guide for Krissi has had two healthy children since her miscarriage ordeal, but miscarriage support remains an area of high interest for her.


Krissi has a bachelor of science in psychology from Excelsior College. She is now a medical student at a university based in Sweden, and she plans to pursue a career in research.

A Word From Krissi Danielsson

I used to think that miscarriages were one of those things that only happened to other people and that women who had pregnancy loss must have done something to cause it themselves. The truth has changed me forever and taught me to never take anything for granted in life. I think that miscarriages are among the most difficult challenges that a couple can face, but that like everything else in life, adversity makes you stronger. If you have had a recent loss, you are probably overwhelmed right now and you may fear that life will never be good again, but you're stronger than you think you are. You will get through this. It isn't always going to be this hard.

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