Kimberly L. Keith


Kimberly Keith is a Licensed Professional Counselor with more than a decade of experience in counseling parents and children.


Kimberly is a counselor, parent educator and advocate for children and families in the court and community. She is also the parent of two wonderfully imperfect children. Her own work and family have guided her advice.

A Word From Kimberly L. Keith

"One of the greatest things I have gained from 'surfing the Web,' and what I hope to share with you, is a fresh sense of excitement in parenting our children. We now have at our fingertips hundreds of entertaining, seasonal projects, the rules to every card game in the world, and the words to all those songs we might have forgotten. I am constantly looking for ways to enrich my children's education through the Internet, as well as finding inspiration and ideas for dealing with the inevitable challenges of parenting."

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