9 Spring Party Ideas for Kids

Spring is the perfect season to throw a kids' party outside. Whether for a child's birthday, Easter, or to celebrate the beautiful weather and sunshine of spring in the back yard or at a nearby park. A party is a perfect way to enjoy the warming weather, the loveliness of flowers and trees re-emerging after a winter's sleep, or the promise of beauty and colors of nature.


Kids' Party Invitations

kids' birthday party invitations make with punched paper flowers and washi tape
Katherine Lee

Sure, you can buy invitations for your spring party. Or you can save money and add a personal touch with these gorgeous and easy handmade cards. All you need to make these beautiful party invitations are a flower-shaped paper punch, some colored paper, and washi tape. Simple and oh-so-pretty! Learn how to make these invitations with your kids. 


Active Outdoor Party Games

kids' spring party - active party games for kids
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Games like steal the bacon, a dress-up relay race, or balloon stomp are just a few of the active outdoor party games for kids that are perfect for any spring party. And of course, any of the classic kids' games like SPUD, freeze tag, and red light, green light can be a hit with the kids, too. And if you need to move your party indoors (because without those spring showers, you wouldn't have flowers), just set up some fun, active indoor party games for kids.


Mocktails and Non-Alcoholic Punches

spring party for kids - toasting with drinks and laughing
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Make fun mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks the star of your event—they're sure to be a hit with kids and grownups alike. You can also make some non-caffeinated fruit tea and add some cut up fruit and berries and refrigerate ahead of time; it's an easy, inexpensive, and refreshing beverage that's easy to make but is elegant and pretty. For the adults, you may want to have some chilled light prosecco or wine on hand for parents who want some alcoholic options.


Light Sandwiches and Snacks

kids' spring party ideas - tea sandwiches
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As for food, think bite-sized tea sandwiches (keep in mind that most kids won't go for the cucumber or watercress, so be sure to include some kid faves like egg salad and ham and cheese). Cut up some fresh veggies and serve with hummus and make a colorful fruit plate of bite-size pieces of melons and berries and anything else that's in season.

And don't forget yummy desserts. Go for a variety of mini cakes, eclairs, and colorful macarons (the ultimate pretty spring cookies)—anything that's easy for kid fingers to pick up and eat and isn't too messy.


Personalized Table Place Cards

name place cards
Katherine Lee

Make these easy and pretty handmade table place cards with your child to add a personal and colorful touch to any spring party table. All you need is a flower or butterfly-shaped paper punch, some card stock paper, and a pencil, and you can make these pretty place cards in minutes.


Colorful Paper Chains to Drape Everywhere

Colorful paper chain
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What's a fun spring party without some crafts for kids? Cut up strips of paper, give kids some glue sticks or glue dots, and make pretty paper chains hang over their chairs, around their necks, or put on the table to add a festive touch to your spring party. And after the party, they can take home their chains along with their gift bags.


Paper Fans

paper fans
Katherine Lee

Here's another idea for a pretty, easy, and kid-friendly craft that's great for a kids' party. Get some pretty paper in different colors and patterns, some Popsicle sticks, and double stick tape and let kids create these beautiful paper fans to take home after the party. So pretty, and so much fun to make!


Paper Starbursts

paper starbursts
Katherine Lee

These easy paper starbursts are another kids' craft that's perfect for a spring party. Pre-cut the pieces for the stars so that kids can simply use some double-sided tape or glue dots to assemble these beautiful stars.


Gift Bags

paper goodie bags
Katherine Lee

If you plan on giving out gift bags after the party, you can add a pretty and personal touch with just some ribbon, colorful paper, and a paper punch in butterfly or flower shapes. It's the perfect ending to a fun kids' spring party celebration! 

By Katherine Lee
Katherine Lee is a parenting writer and a former editor at Parenting and Working Mother magazines.