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Katelynn Rigano


Language Development, Child Mental Health


New York University, Campbell University


Katelynn Rigano is a qualified mental health expert, Carolinian native, and writer who has six years of experience dedicated to health and wellness.


Katelynn Rigano is a researcher, writer, and mental health advocate. As a writer, she focuses on mental health literacy and uses her educational and professional experience to convey complex psychological topics for readers of all experiences to understand. As a mental health advocate, she continuously assists individuals to acquire the mental health care they need. She has specific interests in trauma and related disorders, women's mental health, and postpartum mental health. 

By using her expertise in the field, she is able to help others find therapists, resources, and social groups that are personalized to fit their mental health needs. With experience in clinical research, she primarily focuses her research interests on understanding how our own experiences can shape our livelihoods. In 2021, she began to extend her research interests to the consumer side, gaining experience in health marketing research. Throughout that experience, she has gained hands-on insight into the key facts that need to be understood when looking into a product or service to better someone's mental health.


Katelynn received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Hispanic Studies from Campbell University in 2018. Throughout her undergraduate education, she specialized in understanding the connection between mental health and physical health. 

In 2020, she began attending New York University to pursue her master's degree in Psychology. She is studying clinical and counseling psychology and is also researching how mental health is affected by global events. 

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