Joolz Aer Review

A lightweight, luxury travel stroller for cool parents on the go

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Joolz Aer

Joolz Aer

Verywell Family / Theresa Holland

What We Like
  • Visually appealing

  • High-quality product 

  • Easy to open and close

  • Lightweight

  • Smooth and effortless maneuvering

  • Sizeable basket underneath

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive

  • Doesn’t accommodate infants under 6 months

Bottom Line

The Joolz Aer travel stroller is a premium product that gives both travel buggies and full-size strollers a run for their money.


Joolz Aer

Joolz Aer

Verywell Family / Theresa Holland

We received a Joolz Aer stroller review unit so our expert reviewer could thoroughly test and assess it. Keep reading for our full product review.

From jogging strollers, reversible strollers, and travel systems to umbrella strollers, stroller frames, and foldable buggies, there’s a wide range of wheelable products on the market for transporting a tot. How many different strollers does one family need, anyway? In my opinion, most families can get away with just two: a standard, go-to stroller for everyday use, and a smaller, more portable option for traveling.

Having said that, if your child is over 6 months of age, a high-quality travel buggy might be all you need. The Joolz Aer stroller boasts a compact, lightweight, and highly portable design with an upscale appeal, backing up its claims with a lifetime warranty. Plus, for every stroller sold, Joolz plants a tree in Columbia, which is a plus for environmentally conscious families. 

To see if it lives up to the hype, I tested one myself. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the new Aer travel buggy.

This item was a review unit provided to the writer by a PR company before the official release of the stroller.

Joolz Aer
Verywell Family / Theresa Holland 

Setup Process: Effortless

Out of the box, the Joolz Aer comes fully assembled in its carrying satchel. Unfolding and folding it is a breeze. By pressing a button on the buggy’s handlebar, it unfolds and locks into place almost automatically—no shaking or adjusting needed. Pressing the same button unlocks the stroller, prompting it to fold back up. 

I’m able to open and close it with one hand, even while holding my 27-pound toddler. I can honestly say it’s easier to open and close than every stroller I’ve ever used.

Joolz Aer
Verywell Family / Theresa Holland

Design: Smart and chic

This luxury travel stroller has an attractive, almost Instagrammable design. It comes in four colors: Delightful Grey, Elegant Blue, Mighty Green, and Refined Black. The buggy has four wheels, the front of which are slightly smaller. Its sleek, faux-leather handlebar is extra tall, which my 6-foot-3 husband appreciates.

The Joolz Aer has a zippered storage pocket on the back and a basket underneath the seat, which can hold up to 11 pounds. It’s large enough for a grocery bag, purse, or diaper bag. Additionally, the Aer has a retractable, UPF 50+ sun cover with a mesh peek-a-boo window and comes with a clear plastic rain cover.

 When I take my 14-month-old son on walks with the Joolz Aer, I feel like a cool mom.

The high-quality design of the Aer makes for super-smooth maneuvering. Not only is it easy to fold and unfold, but pushing it around also requires almost no effort. When I take my 14-month-old son on walks with the Joolz Aer, I feel like a cool mom. Also, my son seems completely content and at ease sitting in the cushioned stroller.

Age Range: Not for newborns

According to the manufacturer, the Joolz Aer is designed for children between 6 months of age and 50 pounds. I found it a bit odd that the company doesn’t list a weight minimum, but I get the impression that this travel stroller is not suitable for infants who still ride in a car seat stroller attachment.

The seat of the Aer has a tall back, which is supposed to accommodate growing babies and toddlers. This a welcome bonus, as my son is both heavy and tall for his age.

Joolz Aer
Verywell Family / Theresa Holland

Safety: Checks all the boxes

The Joolz Aer has a five-point safety harness, which is the standard buckling setup on strollers for children 6 months and older. The straps and buckles are easy to connect and adjust. According to Joolz, the seat is designed to conform to a child’s body as they relax into it. My son tends to slouch down into strollers and seems comfortable and secure in the seat of the Aer. 

The Aer also has a pedal brake between the back wheels. This makes it easy to toggle between the locked and unlocked positions. When the brake is on, the stroller stays put, even on steep slopes.

The manufacturer promises that its products are free of chemicals and toxins. To guarantee this, Joolz regularly has its materials tested by accredited third-party labs. 

Joolz Aer
Verywell Family / Theresa Holland 

Portability: Conveniently compact

Traveling can be stressful enough with young children. If you’re like me, lugging around bulky baby gear through an airport is probably the last thing you want to do. That’s why a lightweight, foldable buggy is essential. 

When it’s unfolded, the 13.4-pound Joolz Aer is as large as a standard stroller, yet it folds up into a conveniently compact configuration. It fits into the trunk of both our cars, one of which is relatively small. It could also be transported in the back seat or passenger seat of a vehicle. According to Joolz, it’s compact enough for an overhead bin on an airplane.

It’s an all-purpose stroller suitable for both on-the-go and everyday use.

This stroller comes in a large drawstring satchel with plenty of slack. Packing it back in is quick and easy compared to other travel buggies that come with notably small carrying bags. The satchel has a large strap, which allows me to tote it over one shoulder. That said, carrying the Aer by the handle without its travel bag is also pretty effortless. 

Price: A little pricey

The Joolz Aer is priced at $399. Compared to other umbrella strollers and travel buggies, it’s certainly on the higher end. Other strollers from Joolz range from $700 to $1,050, so the Aer is the brand’s most budget-friendly option. Considering the high-end quality and the fact that the Aer can also be used as a primary stroller, I think the price is reasonable.

Competition: Worth weighing your options

Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller: Families looking for a less expensive option may want to consider the 3Dlite Convenience Stroller (view on Amazon), which is about $70. Similar to the Joolz Aer, this 13-pound buggy is suitable for both travel and everyday use. While both offer ample storage, this stroller also comes with a cup holder.

besrey Airplane Stroller: Weighing just under 12 pounds, the besrey Airplane Stroller (view on Amazon) iis slightly lighter than the Aer and more compact when folded up. It runs from $160 to $200. Like the Aer, this travel buggy comes with a plastic rain cover and has generous storage under the seat.

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller: The Nano Stroller from Mountain Buggy (view on Amazon) is priced around $200. At 13 pounds, it’s roughly the same weight as the Joolz Aer. However, unlike the Aer, it’s compatible with infant car seats without the need for additional adapters. 

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Final Verdict

Go for it.

The Joolz Aer is a stylish and attractive product with a convenient, high-quality design. Although it’s more expensive than many travel buggies, it’s an all-purpose stroller suitable for both on-the-go and everyday use. I’m giving it my stamp of approval.


  • Product Name Aer
  • Product Brand Joolz
  • Price $399.00
  • Weight 13.4 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions 32.6 x 17.7 x 41.5 in.
  • Color Delightful Grey, Elegant Blue, Mighty Green, Refined Black
  • What’s Included Stroller, rain cover, travel bag
  • Warranty Lifetime warranty
  • Dimensions (Folded) 21 x 17.7 x 8.5 in.