Jodi Dolezel, RN


  • Registered nurse with over 20 years of experience, currently working full-time as a level 3 NICU
  • Certified as a Developmental Care Specialist through the National Association of Neonatal Nurses
  • Founder of Peekaboo ICU, created to empower patients navigating the NICU


Jodi Dolezal is a former writer for Verywell Family covering premature babies. She is a registered nurse with a strong passion for preemies, developmental care in the NICU, parent teaching, and education. When not at the bedside, Jodi is hard at work offering support and lending a virtual hand to parents of premature babies and fragile infants. Jodi hopes to not only provide accurate and up to date NICU information, but to also help bridge the gap between parents and professionals in the neonatal world.

Jodi Dolezel has been an RN for the last 18 years and currently works full time in a single room family centered care level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care in the Charlotte, NC area. Jodi is also the founder and facilitator of Peekaboo ICU, LLC and as well as the Peek-a-Boo ICU Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Peek-a-boo ICU was created to provide support to parents as they face the emotional journey of the NICU, empowering parents with knowledge, offering support, and encouragement along the way.

The NICU is never in anyone’s birth plan. Parents are thrown into a world they don’t know and never expected, drenched in fear of the unknown. All too often they are given information they don’t understand and are faced with a future that is so uncertain. They don’t know what to ask, how to act, and often feel overwhelmed and lost along the way.

Peek-a-boo ICU offers parents easy to understand information that pertains to the NICU and premature birth; answering the questions that parents may have and offering emotional support as well as the NICU nurses perspective on all things neonatal.

The emotional journey that accompanies the NICU is difficult. Parents often feel alone, isolated, depressed, fearful, and uncertain. All this can take a huge toll on parents. The emotional impact can be lifelong and life changing. Having support along the way can make a big difference. It’s important for parents to know that they are not alone and there are people out there that can relate and help them through the NICU journey.


Jodi attended college in Ontario Canada where she completed her nursing degree. After college, Jodi has earned a number of certifications in neonatal nursing and has recently completed the Advanced Neonatal Nursing certification program through BCIT. Jodi is also very passionate about developmental care in the NICU and currently holds certification as a Developmental Care Specialist through the National Association of Neonatal Nurses. Jodi keeps her nursing skills current through extensive continuing education as well as attending several seminars and conferences relating to the ever changing field of neonatology.

A Word From Jodi Dolezel, RN

As a registered neonatal nurse I hope to provide information to parents that have or have had a premature baby or a baby in the NICU and seek support from those who have been in a similar situation; as well as empowering parents with the knowledge necessary to make it through the tough times that come along with having a child in the NICU. All too often the information given in the NICU is full of medical terms that are so hard to understand. I hope to make it easier for parents and families to understand some of what they may be experiencing and empower them with knowledge, helping them through the long and often difficult NICU and prematurity journey.

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