Jacqueline Covey


Jackie is a mother of two children, and has proudly suvived the preschool years — with fond memories! Her interests include reading, languages, art and the great outdoors.
"I am thrilled to be sharing some activity ideas for your family. While the months and years go quickly, the hours and days can go very slowly. I hope these activities will help you fill the hours and days in meaningful ways. Let's capture your preschoolers' imaginations, pique their curiousity, and excite them to learn and play even more tomorrow."
— Jacqueline Covey


Jackie has been a teacher for over five years, a mom for over eight, and an editor for over 10. She earned her BA in art history from Cornell, and received her EdM in Education from Harvard. Jackie has worked in book publishing at HarperCollins and Crown Publishers, has edited and produced several large magazine websites, and has taught French and Spanish to young children and middle schoolers. She has definitely worked the hardest and learned the most by being a mom.

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