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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Treatment

Though you've likely heard of IVF, do you know exactly what it entails? Read more about cycles, success rates, and more so you can begin treatment with useful knowledge for the days and months ahead.
Mother holding baby's hand
Egg Donor IVF: The Basics You Should Know
Computer artwork of an egg cell (centre) held in place by a tube (left) and about to be pierced by a micro- needle (right) to inject a single sperm cell.
Could Assisted Hatching Help You Take Home a Baby After IVF?
Brown egg with large white eggs
How Do You Find and Choose an Egg Donor?
Happy woman holding pregnancy test
What You Can Expect During the Early Stages of IVF Pregnancy
Young woman looking out of apartment window - stock photo
These Are the Common Concerns About the Post-IVF Two Week Wait
Person with light skin gives injection into their abdomen
What It Means When Your IVF Cycle Is Delayed or Canceled
Hand on woman's abdomen, feeling bloated and sensitive due to superovulation
How Many Eggs Are Ideal With Superovulation?
Woman reviewing pregnancy test results
Does In Vitro Fertilization Really Work for Women?
Couple talking to a doctor about fertility treatments
How Much Does One Cycle of In Vitro Fertilization Really Cost?
Person being chosen from a screen
What to Consider Before Entering an IVF Contest or Lottery
Pregnancy test not pregnant
Vaginal Progesterone Is an Essential Part of IVF
Pregnant woman near jar of cash, represents saving money with mini-IVF cycle
Could Mini-IVF Be Better Than IUI or Conventional IVF?
Little baby on stomach playing with painted eggs, metaphor for egg donor conception and choice
What's It Like Choosing an Egg Donor? A Mother's Story
Woman lying in bed with abdmonial cramps and headache, possible side effects of Ganirelix
Are the IVF Drugs Antagon, Ganirelix, Orgalutran, and Cetrotide Safe?
A petri dish with eggs and sperm for in vitro fertilization
The Amazing History of IVF and the First "Test Tube" Babies
Microscopic image of ICSI-IVF being performed
What's ICSI-IVF? And Should Everyone Really Be Doing It?
Doctor talking to a couple
Borrowing Options to Pay for Fertility Treatments
close up stack of coins and hand holding red heart background
Crowdfunding for IVF and Adoption
A newborn's head resting in a mother's hands
A Mom Over 40 Shares Her IVF Success
woman giving herself a subcutaneous injection into her abdomen
Safely Give Yourself a Subcutaneous Injection for Fertility Treatments
Woman getting an ultrasound before her mock embryo transfer
What Happens During a Mock Embryo Transfer—and Does It Hurt?
Cryopreservation chamber for eggs and embryos after IVF
Options for What to Do With Extra Frozen Embryos After IVF
Healthcare costs and fees concept. costs in modern hospital
IVF Refund Finance Programs: Weighing the Pros and Cons
Adult daughter with her mother
Things to Consider Before You Ask Your Parents to Help Pay for IVF
Red toy hearts next to a jar of coins
Tips for Beating IVF Costs
Loving Male Same Sex Couple Cuddling Baby Daughter On Sofa At Home Together
How to Have a Baby and Build Your Family When You Identify as LGBTQ
An injection for IVF.
The 5 Best IVF Loans

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