Is My Child Gifted?

If you have a bright, engaged child, you may wonder if they are gifted. Gifted kids have special abilities, traits, and talents—some realized, some not yet. They thrive when given enrichment opportunities to nourish their busy brains and insatiable curiosity, but sometimes need support for social, behavioral, or learning issues, too.

Learn how to assess whether your child is gifted and how to help them tap into their intellectual and creative potential. Here are ideas for keeping gifted kids engaged as well as happy and healthy as they grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What percentage of children are gifted?

    It's hard to pinpoint giftedness rates since there is no one assessment tool that's consistently used to determine whether a child is gifted or not. However, many experts consider children who are in the top 10% relative to a national or local standard to have gifts that merit special enrichment or attention outside a typical curriculum.

  • Do gifted children have special needs?

    Sometimes. Often called "twice exceptional" or "2e", many children show potential for high achievement while also having learning disabilities like speech and language disorders, emotional or behavioral disorders, physical disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). There are times when a gifted trait may be misdiagnosed as a learning disability, so be sure to have a trained learning specialist or developmental pediatrician or psychologist assess your child to determine their true needs.

  • How do I know if my kid is gifted?

    If you or a teacher thinks your child may be gifted, a learning specialist through your child's school district, a developmental pediatrician, or a child psychologist can use assessment tools to learn more. Tests like Mathematical Abilities for Gifted Students or Screening Assessment for Gifted Elementary Students (SAGES) help determine whether your child has an exceptional ability to retain information, while a tool like the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children assesses your child's cognitive potential.

  • What is a gifted kid?

    Gifted kids perform—or have the potential to perform—at higher levels on various cognitive or creative tasks compared to their peers. Giftedness does not look the same for all children. Gifted kids do best when given enrichment opportunities to realize their special abilities and talents.

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