7 Fantastic Stroller Accessories Under $25

Stroller accessories are available for many different stroller brands, and to accomplish just about anything you'd want to do while strolling with baby. Some of those stroller upgrades can be pretty pricey, though, and may only work with one stroller brand. All of the stroller add-ons below are designed to work with most strollers. They're all easy to use, easy to care for and make life on the go with baby just a little bit easier. Even better—they all cost less than $25!


Skip Hop Grab and Go Stroller Organizer

Skip Hop Grab and Go Stroller Organizer
2017, Skip Hop

This stretchy, adjustable pouch is the ultimate universal stroller organizer. Perfect for upgrading a budget stroller with no parent console, it has Velcro straps on either side that can be customized to fit just about any stroller, whether it has handles or a bar across the top. There's a back pocket with an open top so you can stash toys and other necessities for easy access. There are two insulated neoprene drink holders that stretch to fit typical bottle or cup sizes, so you can keep drinks for you and baby close.

The zippered wristlet on the front can be removed for quick errands where you don't need to take the whole stroller, and there's a space for your headphones to pass through, as well.

The whole thing is machine-washable, and because it's made of squishy neoprene, it can be folded right up with most strollers.


Hatch Things SureShop Stroller Bag

SureShop Stroller Bag
Hatch Things, 2017

The SureShop Bag is a stylish, simple solution to the annoying, and potentially dangerous, tip-over that happens when you hang your shopping bags on the stroller handles. These bags also hang from the stroller handles, but they have a clip on the side that you attach to a spot closer to the front of the stroller frame. That pulls the weight of the bag to the side and forward, where it won't tip the stroller over backward.

A SureShop bag can hold 10 pounds of gear or groceries, and you can put one on each side of your stroller, or just on one side. The bags come in lots of cool colors too. They're machine-washable, and they have a built-in storage pouch.


Grapple Toy Tether

Grapple Toy Tether
Boingy LLC, 2017

You can find lots of straps to hold your baby's toys to the stroller, but you won't find another that's this cute! The rubbery, colorful apple looks like a fun toy on its own, but it has three little stretchy tethers inside that loop around baby's toys to keep them close to the stroller. It has a leaf-shaped hook at the top to clip it to your bag or stroller.

Since the whole apple and the little tethers are made of food-grade silicone, it can even be used as a stand-alone teething toy.

The Grapple can be cleaned up quickly with soapy water if it gets dirty. There's a suction cup at the bottom of the apple so you can stick it to a table, tray, or high chair, as well.


DreamBaby StrollerBuddy Clips

DreamBaby StrollerBuddy Clips
2017, DreamBaby

Thanks to these inexpensive clips, any blanket you own can become a stroller blanket that stays in place. StrollerBuddy clips come in a set of four, and you can attach them to the stroller sun shade, the top or foot of a baby carrier, the stroller frame, or the stroller handle.

The blanket will stay in place to provide warmth or shade, and the clips can easily be stored away with the stroller or stashed in a diaper bag for the next use.


Summer Infant RayShade SPF 50 Sun Cover

Summer Infant RayShade Sun Cover
2017, Summer Infant

If the sunshade on your baby's stroller isn't quite big enough, this add-on sun cover from Summer Infant will do the trick. It's flexible and adjustable, so it can fit most strollers.

Not only does the RayShade protect your child from 99% of the sun's harmful rays, it is also water repellent, so it can act as a weather shield for light rain.

There are even two pockets on the sides that add a bit of storage space to your stroller, and the angle of the pockets keeps bottles and cups upright.


Lil Sidekick Multi-Functional Tether

Lil Sidekick Multi-Functional Tether
2017, Lil Sidekick

The Lil Sidekick multi-functional tether is simple but effective, and quite inexpensive.

The tether is made of a smooth, food-safe silicone-type material that wipes clean in a flash, and the minimalist design means it can easily transition to use on bikes or backpacks as your baby gets older.

There's an adjustable loop at the top, along with a cute star that can double as a teething toy, so you can attach the Lil Sidekick to strollers, high chairs, baby carriers, or bags. At the opposite end is another loop that can hold a toy, a sippy cup or bottle, a snack container, a spoon, or whatever else your baby needs within reach. The Lil Sidekick is also dishwasher safe.


Nuby Premium Weather Shield

Nuby Premium Weather Shield
2017, Nuby

For many climates, the stroller's built-in shade is enough for the occasional rain shower. If you live in a rainier locale, though, or you use your stroller a primary family vehicle, it's better to have a plan for keeping baby dry with a stroller rain cover.

The Premium Weather Shield from Nuby fits over just about any single stroller and the clear plastic windows let baby see out while staying dry. In cold weather, this shield can help keep out chilly air.

When it's warmer outside, there are mesh vents on the sides that can be opened more to allow air to flow through. There's a small pocket with a flip-up cover on the back of the shield, so you can keep your keys and phone close and dry. The weather shield folds up into a little pouch so you can carry it in the stroller basket easily.

By Heather Corley
Heather Wootton Corley is a mother, freelance writer and certified Child Passenger Safety Technician-Instructor.