Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers

Good idea, but not the best value

Huggies Little Movers Slip-on Diapers

This line of disposable diapers from Huggies is basically the brand's Pull-Ups for younger babies and toddlers. With my 1-year-old suffering bouts of I-do-not-want-my-diaper-changed tantrums, I was ready to give these easy-on/ease-off diapers a try. The Slip-Ons had some really good pluses, but the deciding question for me is always: Are they worth the price? In this case, I have to say no.

A+ for Absorbency

Knowing from experience that Pull-Ups have limited absorbency, I was very please to see that these diapers hold up to the ultimate absorbency test: they not only held off leaks for 12 hours overnight but when my toddler promptly pooped in his full bedtime diaper before I could get him out of the crib, there was no problem.

The fit was very good on a toddler who is slim but I could also slip them over my 3-year-old, showing that they have great elasticity and seem to be comfortable.

There were two drawbacks with the Slip-Ons

The first issue is that these aren't really great for a quick change since you have to fully undress a toddler in order to get them off. With traditional tabbed diapers, you can pull your child's pant's down to his ankles and remove and replace a diaper. With the Slip-Ons, you need to take off his pants (and that usually means taking off shoes as well). That actually made things more complicated and didn't help much in cases where my toddler was resisting a diaper change.

Again, though, the biggest issue was price. The bottom line: These diapers are too expensive for my budget. The diapers seem to cost about $.40/diaper; I try to keep my costs to $.20/diaper. The problem is that I haven’t seen economy boxes of Slip-Ons. Maybe if the product catches on, Huggies will start making those and the prices will go down. I’d still be reluctant to buy them regularly, though, since they are more a nice-to-have item versus a need-to-have.

An Option for Potty Training

When potty training is in full swing for older toddlers, you might want to use these to get your child used to pulling her own pants up and down while avoiding accidents...but then you can also choose from other disposable training pants that, again, are less expensive than the Huggies brand of Slip-On (or Pull-Ups).