Resources For Taking Care of a Baby from Head to Toe

Mother holding baby girl in nursery
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Can you really learn all you need to know about taking care of a baby from one article? Well, no, probably not. But you have to start somewhere, right? And while many of the tasks of caring for a baby will come naturally to you and many you will have to figure out as you go, some of the very basic tasks you can get started on learning right now.

How to Take Care of a Baby From Top to Bottom

There is so much to consider when it comes to taking care of your baby's body, how do I deal with cradle crap? How am I supposed to trim those tiny nails? Here we break down what you need to know to help it seem less overwhelming.

Baby's Head, Scalp, and Hair

Your baby can experience different problems with their head. From cradle cap to limited neck motion, here are some of the commonly asked questions about baby's head, scalp, and hair.

Baby's Eyes

Your baby's beautiful eyes will captivate you, no doubt. But sometimes you might have some concerns about their eye health or wonder if those baby blues will change color. Here are some answers.

Baby's Ears

Your baby's hearing will develop quickly. As baby grows, you may find you have some questions regarding ear infections or cosmetic needs, like ear piercing.

Baby's Mouth and Breath

More than a time or two, you certainly will do a double or triple check of your baby's breathing while he sleeps. What other questions might you have about your baby's mouth or breath?

Baby's Arms and Legs

Your baby's appendages will become a flurry of activity. Read on about the common development of your baby's limbs.

Baby's Hands, Feet, Fingers, and Toes

From trimming tiny nails to watching your baby develop the ability to grasp at toys, your baby's tiny hands and feet are sure to bring about more than a few questions.

Stomach and Digestive Concerns

Tummy aches, colic, food allergies, all of that can give a parent a reason for concern. Use these articles to help you address any concerns you have with baby stomach or digestive problems.

Baby's Genitals

Such a sensitive area needs sensitive attention. You'll find answers to circumcision care to information on diapering.