How to Safely Warm up Baby Oil

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Baby oil is a fantastic moisturizer for both you and baby. It locks in moisture and makes baby's skin super soft and hydrated while being gentle. A warm baby oil massage is the perfect post-bath-time ritual because it soothes baby and gets them ready for bed.

How to Heat up Baby Oil

Baby oil that comes right out of the bottle is cold; not exactly what you want to put on baby's skin after they're warm and cozy. Heat up baby oil or lotion by putting some product in your palms and rubbing your hands together before applying to baby's skin. You could also heat it up in the microwave for 15 seconds. Just make sure the bottle contains absolutely no metal.

Another way to warm oils and lotions is to let the bottle float in the tub alongside the baby. When bath time is over, the product will be just the right temperature for baby's delicate skin. Make sure the lid is completely sealed before you put it in the water.

Squashing the Controversy

You may be wondering if baby oil is a safe product in the first place. Many baby oils, including those made by Johnson's, are made with mineral oil. Many rave about baby oil's moisturizing benefits but some claim it's actually a dangerous product that you should never use on yourself or your baby.

If you've ever done an Internet search about mineral oil, you likely came across pages upon pages of alarming stories and information warning consumers to stay away from the ingredient. Mineral oil is rumored to cause everything from clogged pores to cancer. As a parent of a little one, this is a major concern. If mineral oil is said to be so dangerous, then why is it included in so many baby products that are specially formulated for sensitive baby skin? Truth is, mineral oil isn't dangerous.

Despite what a Google search might tell you, mineral oil is completely safe for skin, according to the International Journal of Cosmetic Science.

Mineral oil, which is regulated by the FDA, originates from crude oil. "Crude oil" doesn't sound like the most pleasant source, but it's a natural source, making mineral oil a naturally-occurring substance. Mineral oil is highly refined, 100 percent safe and good to skin, especially dry skin.

Natural Product Alternatives

You, the consumer, ultimately get to decide what you want to expose your baby to. If you're still not convinced that mineral oil is a safe ingredient, there are many baby skincare lines that feature exclusively natural products. The Honest Co. Organic Body Oil and Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics Angel Baby Oil are both made without mineral oil and receive positive reviews.

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