How to Plan a Date Night with Your Spouse

Even with kids you can go out and have fun with your partner

date night for parents
As a parent of a young child, do you feel like you need to put date night on hold?. Inti St Clair

 It's the ultimate paradox. To most parents of young children, a date night sounds like a luxury that they can't even fathom thinking about in this moment. But date nights and alone time are something parents of young children need more than ever. A break -- just for a few hours -- really goes a long way to restoring and nurturing a marriage and a relationship.

It can be hard, however. Because once you are able to carve out time between work and school and after school schedules, you still have a few more mountains to conquer: finding a babysitter and figuring out what to do. Once you find a babysitter (or are fortunate enough to have family or friends nearby) deciding on a destination can be tough, especially if you don't want to spend a lot of money (particularly true for those who are spending money on a babysitter!).

Still date night with your spouse or partner is important. So here are 10 fun, creative, and inexpensive ways to squeeze in some quality time. Make an effort, you'll be glad you did!

  1. Hit a local bookstore. These days, most bookstores don't just sell books, they are entertainment destinations complete with cafes and even live music. Grab a table, a few drinks, and a snack and spend some time chatting and people watching. (No books required, although that's ok too!)
  2. Volunteer. Is there a cause that you are both passionate about? Or maybe one of you is and you'd like to introduce the other one to it? Take a morning or an afternoon to help better the community. Not involved with a specific organization? Head to a local park and do a clean up on your own, or hit the animal shelter and see if they need any help for the day. Think locally!
  3. Exercise together. Or at least go for a walk. If you and your spouse are the active type, spend some time together getting fit! Go for a hike, bike ride, even a swim at a local gym or community center. 
  4. Movie night at home. If you can't find a babysitter (or even if you can!) this one is easy and inexpensive. Fire up your favorite streaming service, order in food or make something special, and watch a movie or a few episodes of your favorite show. If no babysitter is unavailable, wait until the kiddies are asleep before you start. 
  1. Go to the mall. Not necessarily to shop, although that is fine too! Walk through, meander through stores, with no real purpose in mind, Shopping with kids can be stressful and more purpose-driven. Take some time to just relax and enjoy. Hit the food court for a snack and maybe some people-watching.
  2. ​Visit a museum. Have you ever visited a museum with your kids? It's not nearly the same experience as when you go with another adult. Spend a few hours meandering through the exhibits, leisurely looking at what you want to see. Talk about what you are looking at, as well as what you both like and don't like. When you are finished, head down to the gift shop and pick up a momento of your fun day! (And check out the museum's web site before you go, as many offer discounts and free days.)
  3. Tour your own area. In every town (even small ones!) there are local "tourist" places that the people who live there never seem to take advantage of. So if it's a duck pond or a museum that you never seem to get to, take some time to do it!
  1. Go for a drive. Make a playlist, choose a destination, and off you go! You don't even have to get out of the car when you arrive. Just spend time in the car together, singing favorite songs, talking, simply enjoying spending time together. 
  2. Have a game night. Family game nights are fun, but so are ones with just your spouse! After the kids are asleep play a game you both enjoy.
  3. Read to each other. This is oh-so-special. Choose a book you both like and take turns reading aloud. After you finish a chapter, discuss it. This you can do at home or out -- really any place that is quiet that will allow you to concentrate.
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