How to Pick the Best Baby Registry for Your Needs

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Preparing for the arrival of your little one can be incredibly exciting. You want to make sure your home will be well stocked with everything you’ll need for your baby, but you might feel unsure about exactly how to go about that.

Well, that’s why baby registries were invented! A good baby registry helps you understand which products are essential, offers money-saving extras, and makes it easy for your loved ones to purchase the products you need most.

But not all baby registries are created equal. Verywell teamed up with Target to help you find the formula for success. 

We’ll walk you through how to find one that meets your needs— like saving money, long-term savings, variety of products, and more. And we’ll tell you why we’ve fallen in love with Target’s Baby Registry, and their Year of Benefits. Yes, one entire year of steep discounts, deals, freebies, and other super convenient benefits.

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Why You Need a Baby Registry

Yes, baby bathtubs are important, but you definitely don’t need seven of them! Having a place where you can share and keep track of what you actually need in a win-win for everyone. Target’s Baby Registry gives you the option of prioritizing which list items are most important to your family, so you can ensure those get checked off your list first. 

Most importantly, Target’s Baby Registry offers a Year of Benefits – including 1 full year of exclusive deals after your baby is born, a 15% registry coupon, a $150+ valued welcome kit, a year of free returns, and more! With Target’s registry, you’ll be able to afford the items you need the most, and get the most bang for your buck.

When to Set Up Your Registry

Most expectant parents start thinking about their baby registry during the second trimester, which is also usually when they feel comfortable sharing the news of their pregnancy. Working on your baby registry is a process—and you will continue tweaking it as your pregnancy progresses—so it’s good to start as soon as you feel ready.

You’ll want to pick a baby registry that meets your needs (more on that in a sec!), and then you’ll want to brainstorm which types of products are essential for your family. Target offers a baby registry checklist to help get you started. Once you’ve set up your registry, it will be time to share it with your family and friends, which will be an exciting milestone in your pregnancy.

Choosing a Registry That Works for You

These days, there are so many baby registries out there and selecting the one that’s right for you can feel like a weighty decision. But once you pinpoint what your priorities are, the process will become much smoother. Thankfully, Target’s registry and their Year of Benefits savings package make meeting these priorities easy.

Some aspects to consider when selecting a baby registry:

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Money Savings

Everyone wants a good deal when it comes to purchasing baby products. You definitely don’t want to sacrifice quality, though. Purchasing high-quality products at reduced rates is where it’s at. Finding a baby registry that offers discounts and other budget-friendly perks is a must.

If you join Target’s Baby Registry, you’ll get a year of exclusive deals with Target Circle, which offers discounts on all your baby’s essentials. You’ll also receive a welcome kit with samples and coupons worth over $150. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

As an added bonus, you’ll get 15% off all registry items 8 weeks before your baby is due that you can use twice – once in store and once online. Awesome, right?

Long-Term Goals

Setting up a baby registry means that you’ll have everything you’ll need once your baby arrives. But there will continue to be essentials that you need to purchase all year long (can anyone say diapers?) so it’s best to pick a registry that will provide you with the items for the long-haul.

Not only does Target Circle provide discounts on baby essentials like diapers, formula, and clothing, but the benefit lasts for your baby’s entire first year of life.

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Preparing for your baby is a busy time. Once your baby arrives, you’ll be even busier … and more exhausted. You’re not going to have time to wait in long lines, and no new parent enjoys driving far with a fussy baby in the back seat. That’s why you’re going to want to pick a baby registry that is straightforward, user-friendly, and convenient.

Target checks off all those boxes. You can purchase your items online and have them delivered right to your doorstep. Or, you can opt for quick in-store Order Pickup, or Drive Up pick up.

All-In-One Shopping

You are going to need lots of different types of products for your baby—from burp clothes to thermometers to changing tables to diapers. And don’t forget about random other stuff, like extra batteries for your baby swing. It’s best if you pick a baby registry where you can purchase everything, at once.

Target not only offers everything you might need for your baby, and your home, but Target’s Baby Registry allows you to add 3rd party products to your list through its universal registry feature.

Purchasing everything you need for your baby and setting up your baby’s nursery should be something you get to enjoy, above all else. Once you’ve found a registry that makes the process simple and streamlined, you’ll be able to do just that. To learn more about all that Target’s Baby Registry has to offer, or to start creating your dream registry now, visit Target’s Baby Registry homepage.