How to Get Free Stuff From Pampers Rewards

Free Photo Books, Magazines, and More

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Pampers Rewards is a program where you get points for buying Pampers products. The points can be redeemed for gifts and coupons for your baby, yourself, and your home.

Types of Rewards Available From Pampers Rewards

Pampers codes can be redeemed for rewards for your baby like diapers, toys, and baby gear. You can use the Pampers points to treat yourself to items like photo books, gift cards, kitchen supplies, and more.

How to Get Pampers Reward Codes

Download the Pampers Club app for Android or for iOS to find out exactly what products have rewards and how many points the codes are worth.

Collect Pampers reward points from diapers and wipes. The code is printed on the inside surface of the product bag, or on the outside of a refill pack.

To enter a Pampers Rewards code, open the Pampers Club app and tap the plus button at the bottom. Choose Diapers or Wipes, and then follow the on-screen directions to either scan the code with the camera or enter the code manually.

You'll also find free bonus Pampers Rewards codes available without having to purchase Pampers products.

How to Redeem Pampers Rewards Codes

The app is the best way to use Pampers Rewards. Use the gift icon at the bottom of the app to open the list of items you can redeem your points for.

Tap an item that matches the number of points you want to spend. Choose Add to my cart and then check out to finish the order.

When to Expect Your Pampers Reward

After you've scanned your Pampers Rewards code, you'll receive your points in your account within 24 hours, if not instantly.

Digital items you order from your reward points will arrive within 24 hours. Other items, like toys or gift cards, might take up to 4-6 weeks, but should typically arrive sooner.

Limits to Be Aware Of

Pampers Rewards is available to parents in the United States and Canada. If you live in Canada, you'll need to register at Pampers Canada to take part in the program.

Your Pampers Rewards points will never expire as long as your account is active throughout the year. After 12 months of no activity (i.e., if you don't scan any codes), you might lose your points.

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