What Should I Give My Childcare Provider For a Holiday Gift?

Holiday Tipping and Gift Guide for Babysitters, Nannies, and Teachers

Christmas bonus

Holiday time is an opportunity for you to show your childcare providers how much you appreciate them and all they have done for you throughout the year. Many teachers, nannies, and babysitters rely on this extra cash during the holiday season so If you plan to give a bonus at a different time you should discuss this with your caregiver in advance so they do not expect one at holiday season.

In general, the size of the bonus is a personal decision, dependent on your financial situation and where you live, but you might be curious what others are doing. Here are a few guidelines.

2016 Holiday Trends for Gift Giving

Care.com surveyed more than 1,200 members and put together a tipping guide to help parents figure out who to tip and how much:

  • For babysitter: Average day/evening pay for regular sitters and a small gift from your kids
  • For daycare staff: $25 to $50 for each staff member and a small gift from your kids
  • For kids' coach or activity instructor: Small gift from your kids
  • For mother's helper: Average day's pay for regular helper and a small gift from your kids
  • For nanny: 1-2 week's pay and a gift from your kids
  • For teacher: Small gift from your kids

Park Slope Parents surveyed more than 500 parents in Brooklyn, New York and found the most common tips given:

  • Daycare Staff: the most common amount given was $50 for head teacher and $25 for second teachers. Six in ten (58%) families with kids in daycare/preschool give monetary gifts individually over a class gift.
  • For K-12 teachers, the most common amount given was $20, for special service providers, the most common amount given was $50 and for after school service providers, the most common amount given was $25.
  • For nannies, the standard holiday bonus is a week’s pay.
    • Caveat: If your nanny hasn’t been working a year then you can give less (e.g., ½ week’s pay if they worked only 3 months) but do let the nanny know if you plan on giving more next year.

According to a survey by UrbanSitter.comwhich included more than 1,000 parents and sitters around the country:

  • 54% of parents tip their babysitters extra at holiday time.
  • 54% of parents give their one week’s pay as a year-end.
  • 48% of parents tip daycare staff.
  • 37% of babysitters and nannies expect a holiday tip.
  • In addition to tipping, 72% of parents also give their babysitter or nanny a holiday gift.

Many sources stated that in addition to a bonus, it is a great idea to give a small gift. Lynn Perkins, CEO of UrbanSitter, says "Many parents are eager to show their babysitters that they're appreciated and cared for, but have no idea what the sitter is into. Try this no-fail gift option: A heartfelt, handmade card from your child paired with a store or coffee gift card."Giving your nanny, babysitter or teacher a homemade gift is a thoughtful idea, but can be overwhelming for some parents. With so many choices on Pinterest, how do we choose the right one?

Tips for Making DIY Gifts With Kids

  • Keep it simple: Making art projects is a messy task so choose something simple that doesn't have too many materials. Use materials that are washable. If your child gets marker on her shirt, it will wash off.
  • Choose an age-appropriate idea: Choose an idea that your child can actually accomplish and plays to his strength. Otherwise your child will get bored or frustrated and then the it becomes your arts and crafts projects while your child sits in the corner glueing his hands together.
  • Let your kid be creative: The project is probably not going to look exactly like the one on Pinterest so don't stress about it. There isn't one way how a craft should turn out. The idea is that your child is being creative, enjoying the process and making a gift that will be appreciated by his caregivers.
  • If your kid hates it, let it go: Not every child likes to glue and glitter and cut paper. Don’t force it. If your child doesn't want to make a homemade gift, think of another idea. You could bake cookies for his babysitter instead!
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