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The middle school years can be more demanding academically for a student than the elementary years ever were. If your child wants to make the middle school honor roll, the two of you will have to work together to establish study routines and stay on top of school demands. Making the honor roll list is an accomplishment to be proud of, but it also helps your tween set a goal, work toward it, and it gives your student the opportunity to establish strong study skills for high school and beyond.

Review GPA and Honor Roll Requirements

If your tween wants to make the honor roll she'll have to see what the requirements are. Review GPA requirements for the school honor roll, and periodically check your child's progress in each class to see how she's doing. School interims will help your tween know where she stands academically, and that will help keep her on track.

Understand Each Class Syllabus

The class syllabus is a great way for a student to learn what the teacher expectations are for the students, and what the class will cover during the year. The syllabus will also help your child know how her final grade is going to be determined and how much quizzes, tests and homework assignments are weighted. In addition, large projects will be indicated on the syllabus, which will give your student time to plan ahead.

Set up a Homework Calendar

The best way to stay on top of homework and projects is to set up a homework calendar for each class. The calendar can be on your child's phone or posted on the refrigerator or in your child's room, it just needs to be a daily reminder of what your child needs to do for each course. Be sure you review the calendar occasionally so that you can help your tween manage her time, and prevent getting behind.

Review for Quizzes and Tests

Many honor roll students know that reviewing course material is a must. Even if your child doesn't have daily homework, reviewing notes and preparing for tests and quizzes is really the only way students can truly understand and learn a subject. Make course review fun by helping your tween, or setting a timer to see how quickly she can answer subject questions.

Use Flashcards

Don't underestimate the use of flashcards. At the beginning of the school year stock up on index cards so that your tween can make flashcards throughout the year. Flashcards are a great way for your child to learn the material and because you can take them anywhere, they make learning mobile and fun. 

Take Advantage of Extra Credit

Many middle school teachers will offer students the chance to bring up a grade with extra credit. Extra credit assignments can be fun, and they allow students a second chance to grasp a subject or topic. Encourage your tween to accept an extra credit assignment, it may help him learn that going the extra mile can really pay off.

Note: Not every student is honor roll material, so refrain from placing unnecessary anxiety on your student by setting expectations too high. Consult with your child's teacher or school counselor if your tween is struggling. She may have a learning disability or other factors may be preventing her from reaching her true potential.

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