Having Twins

Are you having twins? Here are some vital resources about twin parenting.

Whether you are having twins, or hoping to, you are likely to have many questions. This guide is designed to direct you to resources about having twins and twin pregnancy

The Odds of Having Twins

Semi Identical Twins
Semi Identical Twins - New Type of Twinning Identified. David Trood / Getty Images

If you're already having twins, you're probably wondering, "Why did this happen to me?" If you're hoping for twins, you might want to know "What are my chances?" The odds of having twins or multiples are influenced by many factors, and twinning rates have changed throughout the years due to some of those factors. It's interesting to analyze the statistics and to contemplate your own personal odds for winning the multiples lottery.

How to Have Twins

Check out the factors that increase your chances of having twins. Some are things you can control, like diet, maternal age, and fertility-enhancing drugs. Others are just plain luck ... heredity, family history, and a little bit of magic.

How Can I Find Out If I'm Having Twins?

The thought will cross the mind of every pregnant woman at some point ... "Could I be having twins? Could there be more than one in there?" In some cases, the idea may be a passing fancy, yet for others, it is a strong hunch. Find out how to tell for sure. 

Finding Out You're Having Twins: Share the Discovery

I'll never forget the moment that I found out I was having twins. What about you? Share your story. 

What's Different About Having Twins?

Having twins is just like having two kids close in age, right? Not exactly! From the moment they share a womb, parents of twins face some different and unique challenges. 

Things I Love About Having Twins

Being a parent twins or multiples is an experience full of ups and downs. There are many challenging times, for sure, but also plenty of moments where you feel so lucky and blessed to have them. These are some of the things that I love most about being a mom of twins.

Is Having Twins the Same as Having Two Singletons?

Parents of twins hear it all the time ... "Oh, I had my kids thirteen months apart. It was just like having twins." Do you agree with this statement? The results of a Parent's Poll and reader's comments may surprise you!

Pictures of Moms Having Twins

It is astonishing how the bodies of mothers of multiples grow to accommodate their babies as the pregnancy progresses. From having twins to other multiples, these pictures of mothers of multiples in various stages of pregnancy show the amazing shapes of their bellies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Having Twins (FAQ)

Finding out that you are having twins is an exciting but also overwhelming prospect. Because a twin pregnancy has some additional risks and precautions, you may have many questions. Here are the answers to many frequently asked questions about twin pregnancy.

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