Valentine's Gift Ideas From Baby to Family Members

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Gifts From Baby to Mom

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Giving a new mom a gift "from" her baby is a special, loving way for a family to let a woman know how much she is appreciated. Since Valentine's Day is all about cherishing the ones we love, what better occasion for baby to give mom a gift?

Time: Most moms of small babies crave time to themselves, but sometimes feel guilty for asking for that time. A gift certificate to a day spa for a massage, a manicure, or another small amount of pampering will go a long way to recharge mom's batteries.

Even offering to take the baby for an hour or two to let her get a cup of coffee or see a movie would be much appreciated by most new moms.

Memories: A digital photo frame with photos of her and her baby is a nice gift babies can give to mom for Valentine's Day. Even a small frame with a single photo in it that mom can keep on her desk at work would be a fine present for mom to receive from baby.

Treats: Some lotions and bath supplies are good choices for gifts to let mom pamper herself at home. And of course, since it's Valentine's Day, the gift of chocolate is always a good idea. A heart-shaped box of chocolates with an inscription "from" baby to mom would be a lovely sentiment to let mom know how much she is loved.

Great Daddy Gifts from Baby for Valentine's Day

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Since modern-era dads spend about as much time with new babies as moms, dad may also need a little break from the action. He may not be up for a manicure, but a gift certificate to a favorite activity like the golf course or batting cages might be a good choice. 

Other great daddy gift ideas are photo embellished accessories. There are numerous sites that offer photo gifts such as mugs and calendars which can be personalized with a baby photo and a special message to dad. 

And don't forget the treats for dad: Chocolate is sure to be appreciated, as would a new gadget or electronic device. 

Sibling Presents From Baby

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Sibling Valentines' Day presents from baby don't have to be complicated or expensive. Children are used to the simplicity of the holiday and a simple gesture can be all that is needed to make an older sibling feel loved.

Simple handmade Valentine cards can be a delight for children. Include a cute saying on the card which includes a reference to the big brother/sister relationship.

Stuffed animals are also a popular Valentine's Day gift, especially for younger children. 

Gifts for the Valentine Baby

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While baby won't remember his first Valentine's Day, it's a great time to do something to mark the occasion with your little one. While you might not want to go as far as dressing him up like Cupid, photos of baby in a cute Valentine's outfit will become cherished memories as he grows older. 

By Jennifer White
Jennifer White has authored parenting books and has worked in childcare and education fields for over 15 years.