8 Gifts for Your Graduating Preschooler

If your little one is graduating from preschool this year, then you definitely have something to celebrate! Whether you are hosting a party or are attending a ceremony at school, consider giving your child a special graduation gift to commemorate the occasion. Some of these graduation gifts for preschool are fun, others make a nice keepsake, but all of them will show your new graduate how proud you are.

New School Shirt

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Do you know where your child will be attending kindergarten next year? If so, find out if they have a new school t-shirt that you can purchase and give to your little one. If that's not an option, see if they have pencils, folders, pencil cases, or other types of school supplies that are branded with the new school name. Alternatively, you can make your own new school shirt either through a custom site or making your own t-shirt transfer. Fabric pens and markers work well too.

Plush Mascot

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When your child enters school in the fall, what will she be? Sure, a kindergartener of course, but what is the mascot at her new school? A lion? A bulldog? A panther? If you know, get a small stuffed animal version for her to cuddle over the summer. Some school districts may sell them, but if not, just hit the local toy store or online retailer to see if they have a generic version of what you are looking for. If you really want to make the graduation gift complete, pick up a small doll-size t-shirt and decorate it to match the new school t-shirt above.

A Book

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Books always make great graduation gifts, but there are some that really lend themselves to the occasion.

School Supplies for Kindergarten

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As long as you think your little one won't mind not being a part of the process, go shopping for some basic kindergarten school supplies, including a backpack and a lunch box and give them as your graduation gifts. Things like this are likely to make them very excited for the coming year (in fact, she may get so excited that she'll want to use them right away).

A Requested Toy

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Graduating from preschool is a big deal for your little one. And while you never want to raise a spoiled child, there is no reason why now and again you can't splurge a little and get them that special toy as a graduation gift that they've been eyeing.

A Big Bunch of Balloons

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Preschool graduation gifts don't get much more festive than balloons! Pick up a dozen latex in rainbow colors (or your child's favorite colors) or see if you can find mylar number balloons and spell out the year your child graduated from preschool or (gulp) if you can handle it emotionally, the year he'll graduate from high school.


Cineraria Flower

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Flowers for a kid? Why not? There are lots of cute arrangements available through national retailers or you could ask your local florist to make one up for you. Think bold, bright colors in a non-traditional vase like a pail or popcorn tin. The Lotsa Love arrangement from 1-800 Flowers even includes candy and a sweet plush bear.

A Summertime Fun Basket

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What's on your preschooler's to-do list this summer? Playing outside? Blowing bubbles? Maybe a trip to a playground or seven? Help your preschool celebrate the end of the school year by celebrating the season that makes it all possible—summer! Fill up a beach pail (or wagon, depending on your budget) with lots of fun summer toys and games. Include things like sand toys, sunglasses, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a kite, a jump rope, water balloons, etc. Then head outside and have fun in the sun!

By Amanda Rock
Amanda Rock, mom of three, has spent more than a decade of her professional career writing and editing for parents and children.