Baby Names From the Bible

Dozens of biblical names you can consider for your baby

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Biblical baby names have been popular since, well, biblical times. And while parents today find baby names in a wide variety of sources, many continue to turn to the 3,000 names in the Bible for inspiration. Not only are many of these names classic, they carry a history that can be appealing to have as part of a child's story.

The Old Testament, sometimes referred to as the Jewish Bible, was written over the course of thousands of years. With books like Leviticus and Judges, which are comprised largely of lists of names, the Old Testament is an incredible resource for parents. What's more, with so many choices, chances are good that you'll find an Old Testament name none of your friends have hit on.

The New Testament, which includes the four Gospels, the book of Acts, Letters (sometimes called Epistles) from various saints, and the Book of Revelation, includes somewhat fewer names.

Because it is thought of as the "Christian Bible," New Testament names tend to be more popular in modern America. But that doesn't mean you won't come across some more unusual options.

You may be surprised to see that some perennial favorite names come straight out of the Bible.

Most Popular Biblical Names for Boys 

  • Jacob—supplanter (Hebrew)
  • Ethan—solid, enduring (Hebrew)
  • Noah—rest, repose (Hebrew)
  • Michael—who is like God? (Hebrew)
  • Luke—from Lucania (Greek)
  • Daniel—God is my judge (Hebrew)
  • Matthew—gift of God (Hebrew)
  • Elijah—my God is Yahweh (Hebrew)
  • James—supplanter (Greek)
  • Benjamin—son of the right hand (Hebrew)
  • Joshua—God is salvation (Hebrew)
  • Andrew—manly, masculine (Greek)
  • David—beloved (Hebrew)
  • Joseph—he will add (Hebrew)
  • Gabriel—God is my strong man (Hebrew)
  • Isaac—he will laugh (Hebrew)
  • Nathan—he gave (Hebrew)

Most Popular Biblical Names for Girls

  • Mary—beloved (Egyptian); rebelliousness (Greek)
  • Margaret—pearl (Greek)
  • Elizabeth—my God is an oath (Hebrew)
  • Sarah—princess (Hebrew)
  • Abigail—my father is joy (Hebrew)
  • Hannah—favor, grace (Hebrew)
  • Rebecca—join, tie (Hebrew)
  • Chloe—new growth (Greek)
  • Leah—weary (Hebrew)
  • Anna—favor, grace (Hebrew)
  • Rachel—ewe (Hebrew)

Unusual Names From the Bible

If the meaning behind a name matters to you, be sure to look up the stories associated with these names before bestowing them on your newborn. While some are quite noble (great warrior) or lovely (full of grace), others are a bit less so (palm tree).

Old Testament Baby Names for Boys

  • Abram—high father (Hebrew)
  • Amos—strong (Hebrew)
  • Asher—happy, blessed (Hebrew)
  • Caleb—faithful (Hebrew)
  • Ezra—help (Hebrew)
  • Ezekiel—God will strengthen (Hebrew)
  • Gideon—great warrior (Hebrew)
  • Jesse—God's grace (Hebrew)
  • Jonah—dove (Hebrew)
  • Levi—joined (Hebrew)
  • Nathan—God's gift (Hebrew)
  • Reuben—behold a son (Hebrew)
  • Seth—chosen one (Hebrew)
  • Solomon—peaceful (Hebrew)

Old Testament Baby Names for Girls

  • Ada—noble, happy (German)
  • Delilah—temptress (Hebrew)
  • Esther—star (Persian)
  • Eve—giver of life (Hebrew)
  • Kezia—cinnamon (Hebrew)
  • Miriam—bitter (Hebrew)
  • Naomi—pleasant (Hebrew)
  • Noa—movement (Hebrew)
  • Ruth—friend (Hebrew)
  • Selah—a musical term (Hebrew)
  • Tamar—palm tree (Hebrew)

New Testament Baby Names for Boys

  • Bartholomew—son of Talmai (Greek)
  • Felix—fortunate (Latin)
  • Phillip—lover of horses (Greek)
  • Rufus—red-haired (Latin)
  • Silas—of the wood (Greek)
  • Simon—he heard (Hebrew)
  • Stephen—crown (Greek)
  • Timothy—honoring God (Greek)

New Testament Baby Names for Girls

  • Damaris—gentle (Greek)
  • Lois—famous warrior (Greek)
  • Lydia—intelligent (Greek)
  • Martha—the lady (Aramaic)
  • Phoebe—shining (Greek)
  • Priscilla—of long lineage (Latin)
  • Tabitha—gazelle (Aramaic)
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