Is Your Baby a Girl or a Boy?

Old Wives' Tales For Predicting Gender

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No matter when you find out the sex of a baby you're expecting, learning whether you're having a boy or a girl is undoubtedly one of the most exciting things about becoming a parent. And while you can find out with some degree of certainty before your bundle of joy arrives (during an ultrasound, for example, or if you need to have an invasive diagnostic test such as amniocentesis or chorionic villi screening), it can be a lot of fun to try to guess if you'll be bringing home a son or a daughter from the hospital.

There are lots of old wives' tales around predicting the sex of a baby before he or she is born. Here are some of you might want to play with, but remember: They aren't based on a grain of science, so don't use them to decide what color to paint the nursery!

Food Choices and Cravings

The idea here is that what a woman puts into her body can influence the gender of her baby, likely derived from an idea that boys and girls have different appetites than girls and will make that known via their mother's cravings.

For example, will you eat the heel of a loaf of bread? If your answer is "no way," you're having a girl, according to one old wives' tale. The same is true if you crave salty foods rather than sweet ones, claims another. By these measures, it's hard to know how the classic pickles and ice cream cravings of pregnancy work!

The Pregnant Belly

From there it was an easy jump to say that the foods that we ate in pregnancy had to be related to whether we were carrying a girl or boy.

Another classic indicator of a baby's sex is how the mom is carrying him or her. A woman who looks obviously pregnant from behind is predicted to be having a girl. But if she's all belly up front and looks as if she swallowed a basketball, there's a baby boy inside. d

That Pregnancy "Glow

This one could be tough for a mom-to-be to swallow but the idea is that how pretty she looks while pregnant can indicate the gender of her baby: A woman who's having a girl supposedly lacks that radiant "pregnancy glow" because her unborn daughter is stealing all of her beauty for the duration of the pregnancy.

Other physical changes experienced by a mom-to-be have been pinned as gender predictors. A woman whose feet are colder than usual during pregnancy is carrying a girl. The same holds true if the color of her urine is a dull yellow, rather than a bright yellow, her hair grows faster than before she was expecting, and her breasts have changed dramatically.

Conception Month

Did you get pregnant in a month that is odd or even? Odd (January, March, May, and so on) means you have a little girl on the way; even (February, April, June, etc.) means you should stock up on lots of blue blankets and baby clothes.

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