Gifts for Children and Teens in Wheelchairs

Child in Wheelchair

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Shopping for a child or teen in a wheelchair can be a challenge. You want to give them gifts that any kid enjoys and you want to give them something that makes them feel better about being in a wheelchair. This list falls into that second category.

From cool clothing to wheelchair accessories that lets a kid show off their individual style, these are great gifts. Use this list when shopping for holidays, birthdays or any day you simply want to say, "You're special."

Wheelchair Gloves

A good pair of gloves can make it easier for children to move their manual wheelchair around. These will prevent any skin abrasions or sores and protect their hands while keeping them mobile.

The gloves from RehaDesign are a soft leather and are easy for kids of any age to put on themselves. The child's fingers remain free so they can grip onto other things while wearing them. The gloves are also adjustable and should fit most children.

Wheelchair Backpack

Every kid has stuff they like to take with them and kids in a wheelchair are no exception. A normal backpack can be cumbersome and slide off the wheelchair so it is best to get one made to fit on the back of the chair.

The backpack from Pembrook slides onto the handles of the wheelchair and stays securely in place while moving. It has enough room to fit everything your child wants or needs to have with them and the reflective strip on the back has their safety in mind.

Wheelchair Organizer

There are items that your child will want right next to them in their wheelchair and a good organizer is a great gift idea.

The Demi Milan organizer has four pockets, including one that can hold a bottle of water or other drink. The smaller pockets can be used for phones, pens, glasses or whatever your child likes to have handy. The organizer straps onto almost any wheelchair with velcro and is easy to adjust.

Cell Phone Holder

This is a perfect idea for a kid that loves to use their phone or tablet. You can mount their favorite device right on their wheelchair so they have easy access whenever they want to get online or text a friend.

The Ram Mount system is customizable and you can find the perfect clamp system that will work on almost any wheelchair and various devices. Look through the company's store for a full selection of accessories.

Winter Jackets and Ponchos

It is important to keep your child warm and comfy in the winter and a new winter jacket or poncho makes a great gift.

As many parents know, getting a jacket on a child in a wheelchair can be a struggle. That is why this split-back wheelchair jacket is such a great project! This technique can be used to adapt almost any coat into a wheelchair-friendly piece and take some of the strain off your kid's shoulders while getting dressed. If you're not a crafty person, ask a friend or family member who is. It's likely they would be happy to help.

A poncho is another great idea to keep your child warm and they are very easy to put on. Homemade knit or fleece ponchos are a very thoughtful gift. Just be sure to make the back lower than the front so it doesn't get tangled in the chair's wheels.

If you are going to buy a poncho, consider one that is lined with a warm material that will keep your child from getting cold.

From colorful spoke lights that will make any child feel like the coolest kid in town to funky seat covers, some of the best wheelchair accessories can be found at Pimp My Chair. If you are looking for the best gift ideas, this is a fantastic store to check out.

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