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Gifted Kids

Highly intelligent children may require more attention to help foster their gift. Learn how to identify gifted kids, help them with challenges, and more.
Students taking a test in classroom.
How Schools May Identify Gifted Students
young boy and girl taking test at desks in classroom
Things You Should Consider Before Testing Your Child for Giftedness
Teenage girl holding baby boy, close up.
How to Recognize the Signs of Giftedness in Your Infant
Child Psychologist talking to child before IQ testing
4 Ways to Find Someone to Test Your Gifted Child
smiling young girl in bed with her eyes closed and an open book on her chest
Why Gifted Kids May Are Often Highly Sensitive or Overexcitable
boy with lightbulb above his head on chalk board
IQ Scores Can Change the Way Your Child Is Educated
A little girl kissing her baby brother, who is held by their mom
Dabrowski Studied What He Called Emotional Overexcitability in Children
Boy Taking Test
The Right Score for Admittance to a Gifted Program
Two young kids looking at science project poster board
Why Is "Gifted" Such a Difficult Term to Define?
Schoolgirl in front of wipe board, math equations
How a Child's Development Can Be Uneven or Asynchronous
Anatomy and physiology class.
What is the Purpose of a Self-Contained Classroom?
boy with abacus
Is Your Child Gifted or Just Simply a Fast Learner?
Mother and son reading together
Top 5 Skills Your Child Needs to Learn for Reading and Writing
A student examining a molecule model.
The Zone of Proximal Development in Child Cognitive Theory
Bloom's Taxonomy
Bloom's Taxonomy Helps Teachers Plan Lessons for Their Students
girl smiling with books, loves reading
How Learning to Read Without Instruction Relates to Giftedness
boy with toy airplane
Why Are Test Scores of Gifted Children Not Always Accurate?
Students using a digital tablet.
Are Pull-Out Programs Effective for Gifted Students?
woman talking to child
Why Dumbing Down Tests or Students' Achievement Level Has Consequences
Little Einstein
Does Giftedness Really Exist or Is It Just a Social Construct?
Children running in a yard
How to Know If Your Child Is an Extrovert
Young mother reading to her infant.
How Parents Can Help Their Child When They Have Gifted Traits
Bell curve
How IQ Test Scores Are Measured for Gifted Children
young boy reading with father
Does Your Toddler Have Hyperlexia If He Is Reading at an Early Age?
Smart young boy drawing.
Can Parents Determine If Their Child Is Gifted as an Infant?
mother and baby sitting on couch together looking at a book
Is Hothousing Children Considered a Good or Bad Idea?
Little Girl Reading a Book
How Children Learn to Read By Decoding
Teacher interacting with kids in class with tablet
Cluster Grouping Helps Gifted Children Learn at an Appropriate Pace
language development milestones
Gifted Children Can Reach Language Milestones Earlier Than Their Peers
Group of girls (8-10) in science lab working on experiment.
How You Can Still Be Smart Without Having a High I.Q.
Verbally gifted boy reading with his father
Is Your Child Verbally Gifted and Why Does It Matter?
Belief Perseverance Makes It Difficult for People to Change Their Mind
Students paying attention in a class room
Homogeneous Grouping for Gifted Students
Attentive boy looking up from his desk in crowded classroom
How Heterogeneous Grouping Can Present Challenges for Some Students
Schoolgirl (10-12) using laptop computer, close-up
Why High Achieving Students Aren't Always 'Gifted'
A toddler happily playing piano.
Where Can I Take My Toddler to See If He's Gifted?
A 9 months old baby playing
How Do Phonemes Help With Language Learning?
Premature Baby
How Would You Know If Your Preemie Is Gifted?
Bloom's taxonomy
Bloom's Taxonomy Unit Plan for Homeschooling
Little girl wearing glasses and reading a book
10 Traits of Gifted Children
Sad young girl
Does Your Child Seem to Grapple With Life's Big Questions?
Curious little girl pretending to be a scientist
What Does Intellectual Overexcitability Mean for Your Child?
Mixed Race Family Coloring and Drawing.
Here Are Tips on What You Can Do to Nurture Your Gifted Child
Mother and Daughter Arguing
How to Remain in Charge and Not Argue With Your Gifted Child
Female student in school uniform taking exam at desk in classroom
Choosing a Private School for Your Gifted Child
boy sleeping
Why Gifted Children Appear to Need Less Sleep Than Other Kids
girl in classroom
Why It's Important to Select the Best School for Your Gifted Child
Father trying to get attention of his son
How Can You Get Your Gifted Child to Pay Attention to You?
mother and son talking on couch
When Gifted Kids Won't Stop Asking Questions
Spoonerisms Are A Slip of the Tongue
Stories and Books With Spoonerisms
My Best Blocks Building Sets.
The 6 Best Construction and Building Blocks Sets for Gifted Children of 2022
Asian mother comforting daughter in bed.
Does Your Gifted Child Have Trouble Falling Asleep? This Can Help
Early childhood learning
The 8 Best Books for Computer-Loving Kids of 2022
Father teaching toddler daughter
How to Keep Your Gifted Toddler or Preschooler Stimulated at Home
The Adventures of Penrose the Mathematical Cat
Fiction Books Can Help Children Become Better at Math
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
10 Movies Gifted Children Will Love
Discover the Secret to Buying Toys Your Gifted Child Will Love
Little girl holding the foamed plastic frame of a number in front of her face
Activities for Math Awareness Month
A small boy doing his class work in a classroom.
Should You Bring Your Child in for Early Entry Into Kindergarten?
Two Boys Taking TV Apart
Does Your Child Seem to Like Taking Things Apart?