Get Well Gift Ideas for Sick Kids

Recovering at the hospital

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When a child you love is sick, you want to send a get-well message that goes beyond a card or call. If your special child is in another city, you can mail a small gift that he will enjoy. Send the gift on its way with these ideas for get-well gifts for children.

Choose something simple and colorful; possibly geared to a slightly lower age level, and never above. You don't want to send something too unfamiliar or complicated to a child who doesn't feel well. If the child is in a hospital, a soft stuffed animal is often just what they want, even when they are older. But it's also nice to have a simple amusement for the long hours in bed during recovery.

Clay Play

Sculpey's Clay Club Mini-Kits and Children's Activity Sets are perfect introductions to clay art. Sculpey creations do require baking, so this is best for a homebound child. The kits have instructions for making easy projects.

Crayola's Model Magic air dries and has a soft, pleasing texture. Look for the Model Magic kits to find instructions and Model Magic to make animals, flowers, and other easy projects.

Paper Dolls

You can pick up an inexpensive paper doll book at any discount store and most little girls will love it. If you really want a special paper doll book, Mary Engelbreit has two that look wonderful.

Coloring and Stickers

A child who doesn't feel well might just be in the mood for the Anti-Coloring Book. Some more suggestions are Scribbles, Doodles, and the Incredible Sticker Book.

Card Games

Cards are great for playing one-on-one with mom or dad when you're stuck in bed. Pick a card game that is easy to learn and fun for the child and adult. Some kid and parent favorites are SET for older kids and Blink for all ages. For a variety of classic and new card games, order The Best Card Games in the Galaxy from Klutz.

Klutz Books

We love Klutz books for lots of reasons; they have all the necessary supplies plus creative play ideas in the books. For the active boy who is bed-bound, a Klutz science kit might be just the thing. Klutz also has a new line for preschoolers called Chicken Socks. Most online bookstores carry a good selection of Klutz, so use your favorite to get the gift in the mail.

Handheld Games

Of course, your special child would be thrilled to get a new handheld video game such as Nintendo DS. Other handheld electronic games are easily found, including adaptations of classic games and virtual pets.


If the child has a large tray for the bed, she might enjoy a mini-puzzle. Mom or dad can help, and it's a fun diversion for an afternoon in bed. You'll find sweet Anne Geddes mini-puzzles at your discount store, as well as a good variety of small puzzles that are appropriate for children. If you're ordering online, check out the large selection from Hasbro.

Alternative Drawing Board

Pick up a doodle board or light-up tracing desk or other easy lap toy for drawing or doodling. An older child might enjoy a lap kit that is more advanced, such as the Fashion Design or Car Design kits at Hearthsong.

By Kimberly L. Keith, M.Ed, LPC
Kimberly L. Keith, M.Ed., LPC, is a counselor, parent educator, and advocate for children and families in the court and community.