Top 10 George Washington Biographies for Kids

George Washington is one of my favorite U.S. presidents. He was a man of extraordinary character and honor, and integrity. As the first president of the United States, he set the tone for the presidency ​and was quite conscious of how his behavior would influence the behavior of future presidents and the future of the fledgling nation. Most gifted children enjoy reading biographies, and I'm sure they will love reading about the life of our first president. They will appreciate his honor, integrity, and commitment to his country and its people, as well as his sacrifice and empathy. Here are some excellent biographies of George Washington, for a variety of ages.

The Story of George Washington

George Washington
Biographies of the First President. David M. Elmore / Getty Images

It's never too soon to introduce your child to history and the men and women behind the founding of the United States. This board book makes it easy for you to get your toddler started learning about George Washington. It's also a good book to help youngsters being learning about the concept of the U.S. presidency. Obviously, you won't find a detailed analysis of Washington and his life in this little book, but it is a great introduction and the colorful illustrations will help keep your child's interest.

A Picture Book of George Washington

This is an engaging book for young children. The cartoon-style drawings help engage kids, but so does the information. The book is full of interesting facts about Washington's life starting with his childhood and going all the way through to his death. It's an excellent introduction to an inspiring man and leader. The recommended age limit for the book is 6 and up, but younger gifted kids will probably enjoy it too.

Meet George Washington (Landmark Books)

This is another good biography for young kids (ages 7 and up). The 72-page book describes Washington's childhood and youth and the events that influenced him. It also describes his character and the role he played in the Revolutionary War and the creation of the United States. It's full of information about Washington, some that even many adults probably don't know!

George Washington — Soldier, Hero, President

We are big fans of DK Readers. Kids really like the mix of pictures and text. They learn so much from the information-packed text and the pictures help make that information come alive. In this DK Reader about George Washington, children will much about his life from his childhood to his life as a farmer, statesman, and general. They will also learn about his life as the first president of the United States. For ages 7 and up.

Don't Know Much About George Washington

The format of this book makes it possible for readers to skip around to get answers to questions they are most interested in and then go back for other information later. The format is Q&A, with questions such as "Where did George go to college?" and "What was George Like as a Young Man?" The book includes maps, illustrations, and even a timeline of events in Washington's life. Kids can get an excellent understanding of Washington and the time in which he lived. They'll even learn about the kind of clothing people wore. For ages 8 and up.

George Washington for Kids: His Life and Times With 21 Activities

This is an interesting approach to a biography. While it tells the story of Washington's life, it also includes 21 hands-on activities to help kids get a deeper understanding of what life was like for Washington and other people in the America of the 1700s. They will learn about Washington's boyhood, his schooling, his leadership skills, and his fight for liberty and independence. As they learn the facts, kids can learn how to tie a cravat, sew a lady's cap, roll a beeswax candle, play a game of Quoits, and write with a quill pen! And if that isn't enough, kids will find more ways to learn from websites, travel resources, and a reading list. For ages 9 and up.

Sterling Biographies: George Washington: An American Life

This is a well-written, enjoyable book that covers Washington's childhood, his military life as a soldier and as a general, his life as the first U.S. president and on to his retirement from public life. Children will learn about Washington's private as well as his public life and will also learn about his views on issues that were important in his day and are sometimes still important today, such as the issue of governmental power. For ages 10 and up.

DK Biography: George Washington

If you and your child are fans of DK books, then you will love this book. Like all DK books, this one includes beautiful photos and illustrations of people, places, and artifacts. The biographical narrative is enhanced by short but informative sidebars such as the one defining the Seven Years' War. It is sure to keep your child entertained and engaged. For ages 10 and up.

The Real George Washington

This biography is not a children's book, but if you have an advanced reader who enjoys biographies and wants to learn more about George Washington, this book is an excellent choice. The writing is engaging and readable and not at all out of reach for older kids. What makes this book unique among biographies of Washington is that it presents much of the story in Washington's own words. The author writes an exciting story but includes passages from Washington's own writings in the second half of the book. What better way to understand the man than to read what he himself said? Readers will understand just how significant a role Washington played in the Revolutionary War, the Constitutional Convention, and the first presidential administration. Without him, American history would be very different!

Washington: A Life

This is another Washington biography that is not a children's book. Teens who enjoy reading biographies and who want to get a good understand of our first "Commander-in-Chief" will thoroughly enjoy this book. The author presents a view of Washington that helps us understand how his background, his hard work, and his character made him what many considered "first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen." This isn't a whitewashed story of the man, though. His flaws and failings are presented, too, but they just serve to show that Washington was human. He was a man, but a very remarkable one.

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