55 Fun Things for Teens to Do in the Spring

Get your teen active this spring.
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When it comes to dealing with teen boredom, it can sometimes be hard to think of suggestions that will keep your teen occupied and entertained for any length of time. But, as the weather warms up, there are many fun things for teens to do in the spring. Not only is it a great time to explore the area around them, but spring is often about new beginnings and the perfect time to start something new or launch a new project.

Even if your family lives in a climate where spring can be rainy or muddy, there are still plenty of things you can encourage teens to do so they don't grow bored and stay glued to their electronics. So, whether you are looking to fill time over spring break or simply dealing with a bored teen, here are 55 fun activities you can do with teens, or suggest that they do on their own.

Get Outside

Spring can be a wonderful time to explore the woods or go for a walk around town. Get your family moving together and establish some healthy habits. Here are a few ideas on things that will get your teen out of the house.

  • Organize a game of basketball or volleyball at your house.
  • Design a scavenger hunt for friends.
  • Go for a hike.
  • Watch the sunrise and the sunset.
  • Attend a baseball game.
  • Plan a picnic at a local park.
  • Bike five miles.
  • Sleep under the stars in your backyard.
  • Take your dog for a mile-long walk or go to the local dog park.
  • Visit a historical site.
  • Learn how to play rounders and organize a game.

Make Something

Whether you're experimenting with a new recipe or creating a new craft, making something will give your teen a sense of satisfaction. Here are some things you can make together this spring,

  • Take one photo every day for a month and turn it into a slideshow.
  • Invent a new after school snack, milkshake, or pizza.
  • Write a handwritten letter to a friend or a grandparent.
  • Make a music video.
  • Create a website.
  • Tie-dye a shirt or a bag.
  • Create a sidewalk mural with chalk using a spring theme.
  • Make a playlist of your favorite inspirational, get-up-and-go songs.
  • Start a woodworking project.
  • Start a small business with little or no startup costs.

Teach New Skills

Spring is a wonderful time to assess your teen's skills and consider what new responsibilities or tasks your teen may be ready to learn. Here are some things to consider teaching your teen.

  • Start a checking or savings account.
  • Establish a budget.
  • Learn a new recipe each week. 
  • Take a class like yoga or photography. 
  • Learn how to use chopsticks.
  • Complete a first-aid course.
  • Learn five to 10 phrases of a foreign language.

Grow Together

Spring is the perfect time to start growing plants or to learn more about your own family roots. Here are some activities that you can do with your teen.

  • Plant a flower or herb garden on your window sill.
  • Plant a vegetable garden.
  • Take time-lapse pictures of your garden seeds every day.
  • Research your family history, including interviewing older relatives.

Do a Good Deed

Spring also is a great time to do something kind for other people. Here are some simple, kind deeds your teen can do during spring

  • Offer free babysitting for one night to someone who could use the break.
  • Volunteer in a community effort for your local food pantry.
  • Spring clean the house and hold a yard sale.
  • Help plan a spring dance or party that benefits a charity.
  • Perform random acts of kindness every day for a month.
  • Make cookies for a neighbor.

Maximize the Fun

Look for fun ways to help your teens relieve stress this spring. Getting their minds off the busy school year and participating in activities together will strengthen your relationship. Check out these fun activities to do with your teen.

  • Act like a tourist in your own town or a neighboring city and see all the sites.
  • Take a garden gnome on your adventures and photograph it at each stop.
  • Try one thing that scares your teen like skydiving or even taking elevators.
  • Have an overnight or all-day Saturday movie marathon.
  • Plan a throwback party.
  • Create a coffeehouse tour and visit all the coffee shops in your area.
  • Try a food you have never tasted.
  • Attend a book signing in your area or join a book club.
  • Shop at a thrift store and use your finds to decorate their room.
  • Start planning your summer bucket list

Think Ahead

Encourage your teen to start looking toward the future. Here are some activities that can help him imagine his life after high school.

  • Visit a college or two.
  • Shadow someone at their job during spring break.
  • Create a list of jobs that sound interesting.
  • Look for a summer internship.
  • Create a high school resume.
  • Audit your social media accounts.
  • Create one good habit and stick with it.
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