10 Fun Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Kids

Decorating Easter eggs is the highlight of spring for many kids. It is a fun family project that you can take to the next level by using a creative new technique that your children will love.

The Fun of the Easter Season

Easter is one of those holidays that, while the day itself is always a wonderful celebration, the weeks leading up to it is also a big part of the festivities. From planning Easter egg hunts to meeting with the bunny and filling baskets there is always something fun to do.

This is especially true for decorating Easter eggs. Sure, it would be easy enough to buy one of those coloring kits from the store, but with a little planning and creative thinking, you can turn dyeing Easter eggs into a fun family activity.

Tie-Dyed Eggs

Woman and boy wearing bunny ears painting Easter eggs
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Similar to how you might tie-dye a t-shirt, use rubber bands to create lines as you dunk the eggs in different colors. This project can be done with your favorite egg-dying kit.

  1. Place rubber bands of different widths across the diameter of the egg in different directions.
  2. Have fun removing and adding bands as you put the eggs in different dyes.
  3. See what kinds of color combinations you can make.

Glitter Party

This one is messy, but a lot of fun, especially with a room full of little girls. If your Easter egg hunt is going to be indoors, this may not be the best idea because you could have glitter everywhere.

  1. Begin by dying the eggs to add a base color. Allow them to dry completely.
  2. Brush craft glue onto the eggs and then roll in glitter for a sparkly finish.

Sticker Party

Boys and girls alike will have fun with this egg project because every kid loves stickers.

  1. Get a bunch of stickers from the craft or dollar store.
  2. Let your preschooler stick them on white or dyed (make sure they are dry first) eggs wherever they like.

Egg Friends

In this project, kids get to turn Easter eggs into little characters. They can choose animals, people, or whatever creature they like. Can they make one for every member of the family?

  1. Turn Easter eggs into tiny friends with google eyes, tiny candies, yarn, and markers.
  2. Have kids make faces using the various materials and glue to stick things onto the egg.

Sparkling Gem Eggs

Collect sparkling jewels from the craft store so your preschooler can create fantastic bejeweled eggs for Easter.

  1. Begin by dying eggs to give them a base color and allow them to dry.
  2. Make jewelry-box worthy gem eggs by gluing flat-sided jewels in different shapes and colors all over your egg.
  3. Finish by outlining each gem with gold and silver glitter glue.

Swirled Eggs

A fun way to add a new spin on the traditional dyed egg, this project is easy and a lot of fun for everyone (you included!). Pick up your favorite dye kit and you're ready.

  1. Produce gorgeous swirled eggs by simply adding a little vegetable oil to each container of dye/water mixture.
  2. Put the egg in the dye and gently swirl it around with a spoon.
  3. Pat dry and repeat with as many different colors as you like.

Color With Crayons

This project requires your eggs to be warm while decorating, so be sure to get everything ready before you begin.

  1. Once you have hard-boiled the eggs and they are still warm, let your little one color on them with crayons.
  2. The heat from the egg should melt the wax a little, making for a cool effect.

The Things Egg

Have fun collecting a bunch of small things that kids can glue onto Easter eggs. Dig through the kitchen cupboards and your craft stash and put those things you might throw out to good use!

  1. Glue small objects such as elbow macaroni, buttons, and beads onto the eggs.
  2. When the glue is dry, you can paint them for a colorful look or leave as is.

Sponge Paint

Add an extra layer to dyed eggs with fun shapes and paint. The kids will love getting their fingers a little dirty to create these eggs.

  1. Dye eggs as usual or paint them.
  2. When they are your desired shade, take sponges that have been cut into fun shapes (duck, bunny, flower, etc.) and dip them into white paint and then onto the eggs.

Reversed Crayons

At first, it may not look like much. When you get your egg out of the dye, you will see just how cool these eggs are. The crayon works like a wax resist, allowing the dye to only affect areas not covered by the crayon.

  1. If you are confident in your drawing abilities or are just doing a random design, color on each egg using a white crayon.
  2. Dip into the dye and wait for your results to appear.

By Amanda Rock
Amanda Rock, mom of three, has spent more than a decade of her professional career writing and editing for parents and children.