7 Reasons Stay-at-Home Moms Need Friends

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Before you had kids, you spent time with your spouse, your friends, your family and yourself. Now you barely have time to sleep. As stay-at-home moms, we often put our friendships on the back burner. But friendships are important to stay-at-home moms, whether they have one child or six. Don't trade in your friendships because you're busy raising kids. You need friends now more than ever and there are many reasons why.

It's Easy to Isolate Yourself

Living the life of a stay-at-home mom makes it easy for you to isolate yourself from people. You're home with the kids all day and on those occasions when you do leave the house, it's usually to get groceries or make a diaper run.

Don't live in a bubble. You've never needed friendships more. Once you start isolating yourself, you become more and more withdrawn, which is not only lonely, it can lead to mommy burnout.

Your Friends Get You Because They Are You

No one can understand what it's like to be you more than your mom friends. They understand the potty training frustrations, the defiant child challenges and the days you simply feel like quitting the stay-at-home lifestyle.

That's why you need to schedule social time with your friends at least twice a month. Plan a girls' night so you can all get together. Spending time with each other is the best way for you to talk about what's going on in your life with someone who gets you while also recharging your mom meter so you can face all of those tough parenting challenges with ease.

Friends Know Things You Don't

No matter how long you've been a parent, you always learn something new and can use a been there/done that friend by your side. You may have been lucky to dodge picky eaters, colic and separation anxiety with all three of your children but when that fourth child comes along, he breaks every streak you had going.

Your friends know things you don't. And you know things they don't. From parenting issues you have yet to tackle to set up a family budget, your friends are great resources to bounce ideas off each other and share problem-solving solutions.

Friendships Are a Necessary Support System

You may have a great spouse and your family is there for you. But every stay-at-home mom needs a support system that includes friends too.

When you need breastfeeding support, your friends are there. When your youngest child goes off to college, your friends are there. They give you the support you need as a mom, a woman, a person from the time your children are babies into your own golden years if you continue to nurture the friendship.

Friends Have Your Back

You never have to worry about whose side your friends are on. They will defend you and your kids as if you're a part of their own family.

When that stranger criticizes you over your child's meltdown in public, your friends are so fired up, they're ready to hunt that lady down and stick her in a room full of screaming toddlers. When your mother-in-law makes a snide comment about your new hairstyle, your friends book the next appointment at the hair salon to get your same haircut. Continue to build your friendships and you will have your own personal posse who's always got your back.

Friends Can Help You … With Everything

Not only are friends great companions, but they can also really step up when you need a hand. They can help with carpool, take care of your other children when you need to run your baby to the pediatrician or any other number of perks you get simply by surrounding yourself with solid friendships.

Of course, it's a give-and-take relationship. You'll need to do your part to help your friends out too but with the right set of friends, all of you will be happy to work together when one of you needs something. That's what friendship is all about.

Friendship Is Good for You

Countless studies have been conducted on the value of friendships. Concordia University study found people with a lot of friends suffer from less stress. Research from Michigan State University linked friendship to improved health and happiness. One Brigham Young University study discovered that friendship is also linked to our longevity. The study showed 50% increased odds of survival with great friendships in your arsenal.

And we all know some days being a stay-at-home mom feels like a game of survival. Tilt the odds in your favor and go make some new friends today.

By Apryl Duncan
Apryl Duncan is a stay-at-home mom and internationally-published writer with years of experience providing advice to others like her.