Free In-Store Classes and Activities for Kids

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If you are looking to keep your kids occupied, without spending any money, consider signing them up for an in-store class near you. Many big retail chains offer classes for kids that teach them how to build things, make crafts, cook food, enjoy storytime, and (in October, at least) carve pumpkins. Best of all, the classes are free and held at locations all across the country. Smaller local businesses likely offer some, too, so don't forget to check local listings.

Home Depot

Home Depot's Kids Workshops happen on the first Saturday of every month. Past projects have included building model race cars, mail organizers, picture frames, and planters. Classes are free and also include an orange apron and an achievement pin.

You'll want to register for the workshops beforehand to make sure your child has a spot and that there are enough building materials to go around. These workshops sometimes fill up quickly, so if you think your child may like the class, be sure to sign up as soon as you can.


Michaels craft stores host free classes for kids several times a month on weekends. They also sometimes offer weeklong events before big holidays. The classes at Michaels include all kinds of craft projects that usually center around a holiday or season.

Some classes are a little complicated, so a parent is required to stay with the child, but most classes allow kids to be dropped off.

Disney Store

The Disney Store has some really fun in-store events that take place a few times a month in their stores. During these store events, kids sing songs, listen to stories, and receive free gifts. Events are run on a first-come, first-serve basis, so make sure to arrive early, especially if there is a giveaway.

Lego Stores

Each month, Lego Stores have free events for kids between the ages of 6 to 14 where they can come in and build a mini model. After they've built the mini model, they get to take it home for free.

There is a limit of four children per household per event, and children must stay for the entire event to take home the Lego kit. Kits may not be picked up at a later time.

Lakeshore Learning Center

The Lakeshore Learning Center offers free arts and crafts classes for children ages 3 and older. These classes happen every Saturday, and a parent or guardian must be present to supervise the children and help as needed. No reservations are required.


Apple offers a number of programs for kids, including Apple camp, field trips, and virtual events that help kids learn to do more with their Apple devices. Classes cover photography, music-making, coding, design, and more. Just remember to sign up in advance if you want a spot for your child.


William-Sonoma offers a range of cooking classes, and while a lot of them are aimed at adults, they also have classes for kids between the ages of 8 to 13. Most of the classes are free. A few do have a fee, though those fees are donated to a nonprofit.


Microsoft offers a range of free kid classes to match their interests, including STEM, coding, space, museums, fossils, travel, moviemaking, and more. Some of the workshops are offered in-store (using their products), but there are also a bunch of classes available virtually as well.


Usually held every month, Lowe's offers a variety of free DIY Kids' Workshops. Projects might include both a building and gardening component, such as a Mother's Day planter with a flower kids plant themselves.

Local Stores and Community Centers

Check listings at your local bookstores and libraries, because many offer storytimes or other kid-oriented events regularly. Local parks frequently host free kid workshops and activities as well, especially during warmer months.

Your local community center might also have events, especially during holiday seasons. Pumpkin-carving activities are popular at Halloween, egg decorating is popular at Easter, and at Christmas, there often are craft projects for making ornaments or building gingerbread houses.

By Stacy Fisher
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