Free Baby Magazines

Free baby magazines are packed with advice on how to best take care of your baby and yourself through your pregnancy and after you've had your baby. Not only are baby magazines informative; they're also a lot of fun to read. Many of the magazines include the latest products for you and baby, fun facts about starting a family, and all the celebrity mom news you can handle.

Having a baby is expensive and there's no need for you to pay for baby and parenting magazines when you can get them for free. If you have a baby, are pregnant, or know someone who is, then be sure to take advantage of the free baby magazine subscriptions below.

There's also a lot of other baby freebies and free samples available to help you save money. You can get free diapers, baby formula, and tons of other free stuff for you and your baby.

American Baby

The cover of American Baby magazine
American Baby

If you're expecting a child you can get a free subscription to American Baby magazine. It's a 1-year subscription with 12 issues.

This free baby magazine gives you tons of baby advice. American Baby has new articles each month on pregnancy, newborns, health, fitness, play, and more fun baby stuff.


The cover of Parents magazine

Parents magazine is way more than just a free baby magazine. It takes you through getting pregnant, pregnancy, babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and then on to the big kids.

This is a magazine that will truly grow with your baby and you can subscribe to it for free year after year. This is a free baby magazine that you'll want to be sure to snag up now while it's still available. Right now you can get 12 free issues for 1-year.

Family Fun

The cover of Family Fun magazine. Family Fun

There's a free subscription to Family Fun magazine available, which is filled with crafts, recipes, and fun activities you can do with your baby, toddler, and elementary aged children. 

This magazine subscription will get you through those baby years with confidence and you'll be ready with tons of ideas for them when they're ready to get busy and active.

Pregnancy Magazine

The cover of Pregnancy magazine
Pregnancy Magazine

If you're a first-time mom, you're going to love Pregnancy magazine. It's filled with everything you need to know about being a mom, as well as fun fashions and the low-down on expecting celebrities. Pregnancy magazine's first issue is available for free when you download it to your phone, table, or Kindle. 

Free Baby Magazines at Public Libraries

Pregnant woman in waiting room
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Your public library is a great resource to find free baby magazine subscriptions. They will have the latest issues of all the most popular baby magazines such as Pregnancy & Newborn and Fit Pregnancy.

You can browse the newer issues while you're at the library and check out the older issues to take home. If you're interested in keeping some of the baby magazine issues, ask a librarian and you may just get some of the older copies for free.

More Free Magazines

woman in café, having coffee, looking at magazine
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How about picking up some free magazines for yourself? There's a ton of other free magazines subscriptions available for your busy lifestyle. Free subscriptions have included Family Circle, Shape, Prevention, O Magazine, Woman's Day, Redbook, Ladies Home Journal, and more.

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