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Formula Feeding

Formula feeding can prompt questions you may not have if you're breastfeeding, especially related to preparation, storage, your child's needs, and more. These articles can help you learn the ropes.
Asian baby crying on white blanket.
Silent Reflux in Babies: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
baby mouth
What Is a Lip Tie in Babies?
Baby drinking milk from bottle
How to Safely Mix Breast Milk and Formula for Feeding Your Baby
Premature baby being bottlefed formula at hospital
What Kind of Formula Is Best for Premature Babies?
Close-up of a baby girl feeding milk
The Best Time for Switching From Baby Formula to Regular Milk
Baby formula
What Kind of Water is Best For Baby Formula?
Father carrying baby son (7-9 months) while preparing milk in kitchen
How Much Should You Feed Your Baby?
Baby drinking from bottle
How to Prepare Baby Formula
Father feeds baby lactose-free formula from bottle
Does My Baby Really Need Lactose-Free Formula?
Dad bottle feeding baby
How to Prepare Premade Formula for Your Baby
Baby drinking from bottle
How to Choose the Best Baby Formula
Father and son
Hypoallergenic Formula: Does Your Baby Need It?
Baby girl drinking from bottle on sofa
Are the Latest Baby Formula Trends Just Marketing Hype?
Mother bottle feeding baby at home.
Are You Underfeeding or Overfeeding Your Newborn?
Mother feeding two week old fraternal twins.
How to Bottle Feed Two Babies at the Same Time
A baby being fed a bottle
Should You Feed Your Baby a Store-Brand Infant Formula?
Mother feeding her baby with milk bottle
Can You Breastfeed and Also Give Your Baby Infant Formula?
Mother bottle feeding their baby
Reasons Why a Parent May Not Breastfeed
Mother holding daughter (6-9 months) drinking from bottle
How to Choose the Best Formula for Your Baby
Mother bottle-feeding her infant daughter
Should You Give Your Baby Soy Formula?
Serene mother feeding baby on bed
Nestle NAN Baby Formula Availability and Substitutes
Mother feeding baby with bottle on sofa
When Should You Give Your Baby Hypoallergenic Formula?
Mother feeding newborn baby bottle of baby milk
How Mixing or Switching Between Different Formulas Affects Your Baby
Best Infant Formulas
The 10 Best Baby Formulas of 2022, According to a Pediatric Dietitian
Woman's hand spooning out infant formula into a baby bottle
The Right Way to Prepare Concentrated Infant Formula
Mother feeding baby with bottle on sofa
Do You Need to Warm Up Baby Formula?
Baby girl drinking from bottle on sofa
How Can Parents Fix Their Baby's Bottle Feeding Problems?