10 Fitness-Focused Families to Follow on Instagram

Inspiring accounts that make fitness a family affair

Getting and staying fit can sometimes feel like a real challenge, especially when you’re trying to juggle work, family, social obligations, and anything else life throws your way. And on those days when working out seems nearly impossible, we sometimes need a gentle reminder that living a healthy lifestyle is not just about us—it’s also about setting the right example for our family.

These 10 fitness-focused families on Instagram not only value exercise and staying in shape for their own livelihoods, but they also show their children how to have a positive approach to fitness, body image, healthy eating, and overall wellness. 

Brooke Murray

brooke_froelich with family

The beautiful landscape of the Colorado mountains provides mom, Brooke Murray (known as @brooke.froelich) the perfect backdrop to teach her two children about the importance of living a fit life.

“It's so important to create an active environment for my family because the habits my children learn in our home will hopefully follow them into their adult life,” Murray tells Verywell. And she’s not kidding when she says an active environment. A quick scan of her Instagram account shows family adventures that include paddle boarding, hiking, rock climbing, skiing, and biking. 

But it’s not just the intentional decisions she is making for her children that matter, Murray and her husband also try to plan date nights around activities that make them feel genuinely good, such as a bike ride to a beautiful place or a healthy picnic.

“My husband and I have also learned that everything at home seems to run a little smoother when we support each other in taking time to exercise,” she says. 

“I hope that my children will remember the feelings of peace and creativity when they spend time adventuring outside and will be able to return to those sources throughout their life.”

Brooke Murray (@brooke.froelich)

Monica Bencomo: Moms Wear Heels

Monica Bencomo of Moms Wear Heels with her two children

Monica Bencomo (@momswearheels) is a mom on a mission. As the founder of the Moms Wear Heels, a site that coaches women who are mothers to become their best selves through fitness, this mom of two believes strongly in dedicating her life to health.

“I grew up in a household where health and fitness was not a priority, and by age 18, I was 50 pounds overweight, severely depressed, and uncomfortable in my own skin as a result,” Bencomo tells Verywell. When she finally learned how to eat well and exercise appropriately, she lost the extra 50 pounds and decided to share her knowledge with other women. 

But it’s not just the community of women she inspires. Bencomo also wants her kids to have a strong foundation growing up by showing them how to eat, move their bodies, and take care of their spirit for total wellness.

Her tip for families looking to incorporate a fit lifestyle? Develop a family mission statement, and include within it why being healthy is a priority. And don’t forget to involve your kids.

“They are more likely to be excited about healthy living practices if they understand why it's vital.”

Monica Bencomo (@momswearheels)

Jes Bowen

Jes Bowen with her daughter

Not only does fit mom, Jes Bowen (@jb_figure), inspire her near 300K Instagram followers to live a healthier life, she’s also the leader of her family’s fit lifestyle. You can find this inspirational mom knocking out a set of deadlifts and hanging leg raises with her young daughter or striking a biceps pose with her son.

Through her Instagram account, this mom and wife gives us an inside glimpse into her daily devotion to fitness and family. 

“Focus on goals, not obstacles. Think about what you want to accomplish and stay consistent.”

Jes Bowen (@jb_figure)

Steve Lion

Steve Lion and his daughter

Californian, Steve Lion (@steve_lion_physique), is a proud father that believes fitness is an invaluable lifestyle. His Instagram account is full of workout ideas and quick fitness tips for busy parents. But the top posts on this account show dad with the best training partner ever—his daughter. And she is just as fierce as her dad when it comes to exercise, especially when she crushes it with the battle ropes!

“I swear my daughter is a little beast. I'm so proud that she continues to go strong even when she fails at something. An important lesson I teach her is to never give up and to keep moving forward. And to always practice the best you can, because strength will come over time. We all have this inner beast inside of us.”

Steve Lion (@steve_lion_physique)

Andrea Allen: Deliciously Fit N Healthy

family photo
 @deliciouslyfitnhealthy / Instagram

Mom of four, Andrea Allen (@deliciouslyfitnhealthy), leads by example when it comes to teaching her children how to live a healthy lifestyle.

“If they learn to eat healthily and move their body now they will never have to diet or feel like they don’t have control of their health, which will lead to a more balanced life, rather than yo-yo dieting because they will know how to do it from a young age,” Allen tells Verywell. 

Her Instagram account is full of workouts for busy parents that also involve the kids, which makes sense since she believes wholeheartedly in letting children see their parents exercise.

“Since the day my kids were born, they have seen me exercise almost every morning. That makes it completely normal to them just like eating lunch or brushing their hair because it happens every day.”

“Teach them to be healthy and strong. Explain that foods make them healthy and strong and make big muscles. Give them compliments based on their characteristics, not their looks. They will hear enough about weight out in the world, and they don’t need to hear it at home. This will create a healthy environment for the whole family.”

Andrea Allen (@deliciousfitnhealthy)

Michael Ashford: Fit Dad Fitness

Fit dad and his kid at a spartan race
 @fitdadfitness / Instagram

Certified personal trainer Michael Ashford (@fitdadfitness) of Fit Dad Fitness, surrounds himself with fitness and family and inspires other fathers to also live an active, involved, healthy life with their children. When it comes to being active as a family, Ashford says to keep it simple.

“Find ways to be active as a family, and I'm not talking about any specific type of exercise,” Ashford tells Verywell. 

“Go for a walk or a hike together. Run around and play in the backyard or at the park. Do obstacle courses as a family. Especially for parents, participate as much as possible with your children in activities that get you moving and bring you joy.”

“For me, it's about experiences. I never want my health to prevent me from experiencing life with my family, and I want the same for my wife and children as well.”

Michael Ashford (@fitdadfitness)

Kristy Ardo

Baby fit gym
 @baby_fitgym / Instagram

Mom of three, Kristy Ardo (@baby_fitgym), shows her more than 200K followers what it’s like to be pregnant and postpartum while leading a fit lifestyle. Along with her husband, the pair create an environment focused on health and wellness for their three young children. It’s not uncommon to click on any of her workout videos and find one of her kids working out with mom. 

“My favorite type of exercise is weight lifting! I thoroughly enjoy tossing weights around. It makes me feel strong and powerful! I have the best workout partner. Look at Tucker (son) cranking out those reps!”

Kristy Ardo (@baby_fitgym)

Danielle Jones: Ms. Boston

msboston and her child
 @msboston / Instagram

If you want to see a mother-daughter team that is tearing it up, then you need to check out Danielle Jones “aka Ms. Boston” (@msboston) on Instagram. From planking and punching to battle ropes and handstands, whenever Jones works out, her daughter, Honor, is right there alongside her completing reps. In many of her posts, it's amazing to watch as Honor keeps up with her mom. 

“Teach these girls the importance of taking care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

Danielle Jones (@msboston)

Charese Parran

charese parran and daughter doing acro yoga
 @cparran_fitness / Instagram

If you’re looking for some serious yoga inspiration—family style—then you need to spend some time on Charese Parran’s Instagram (@cparran_fitmom). Whether she’s hitting the gym, doing yoga with her girls, or spending time outdoors with her husband, this fit wife and mom of two shows her followers how living a fit life and inspiring her children through exercise can bring a family close together. 

“Yoga has taught me so much about myself and my girls! Our bond has only grown stronger by practicing together. I’ve learned how that little smart, determined, fearless 7-year-old processes and overcomes challenges. I’ve also learned what she needs from me in those moments! But most importantly my baby girl has learned if I’m not holding her hand, I’ve got her back... and with that, she can do anything!”

Charese Parran (@cparran_fitmom)

Dorothy Beal: Mile Posts

mileposts and son after a race
@mileposts / Instagram 

Mother, runner, writer, and founder of I Run This Body, Dorothy Beal (@mileposts) fills her Instagram account with inspirational posts about running, life, and of course, family.

“It's important for me to create a healthy and loving environment for my children because I know that I am helping to set the foundation for their future,” Beal tells Verywell.

From active days on the beach to lacing up running shoes and racing in marathons as her children cheer her on, followers get a glimpse into what it’s like to pair fitness with family. A major focus for Beal is teaching her kids about how the food they eat helps them grow physically and allows them to get closer to their goals.

“I want them to believe that their bodies are vessels that help them do cool things like climb a mountain or run fast during a soccer game.” 

“I don't push my children when it comes to athletics, rather I model the behavior I would like them to have, like being active, and give them the opportunities and support to do so.”

—Dorothy Beal (@mileposts)

By Sara Lindberg
Sara Lindberg, M.Ed., is a freelance writer focusing on health, fitness, nutrition, parenting, and mental health.