First Trimester Sex in Pregnancy

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Fertility Flower recently did some research about first-trimester sex in pregnancy. Their poll found that more than 1 in 5 couples were foregoing having first-trimester sex in pregnancy for fear of hurting the baby. While this has been shown to be an absolutely safe time to have sex for most couples, the fear is still present in many women and men. I actually hear more about the feeling too tired, too sick, too whatever when it comes to first-trimester sex, but their poll of over 3,800 new parents in America said that this was true only in about 9% of the cases of voluntary abstinence.

Other interesting notes to the poll are that the average number of times a couple had sex in the first trimester was between 5-10 times, with 11% of the parents saying that they had sex only 15 times the entire pregnancy.

The good news? Despite what you, and 42% of the women polled believe, only 4% of men said that they found their partner unattractive.

Kimberly Ann Racic, the founder of, commented on the research; "Concerns about harming the baby during intercourse are common, however, pregnancy shouldn't be a reason for things to change between a couple. It is perfectly natural and healthy to be intimate during pregnancy; a loving relationship is normally at its strongest during this stage, therefore the desire to be close to each other will be extremely strong."

The takeaway? Talk about what you are feeling when it comes to intimacy. Pregnancy can be a time of great intimacy, sexually and otherwise.

Where did you fall on the spectrum for the first trimester or beyond?

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