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Fertility Support and Coping

While your heart may be full of hope as you start fertility treatment, it's common to feel overwhelmed by the process. Learn ways to cope and how loved ones can be supportive on the road ahead.
String hand game with birds perched on the string
Struggling With Infertility? Stop Doing These 11 Things
Woman holding her finger to her mouth sushing, silence on infertilty and miscarriage
How to Break the Silence About Infertility and Miscarriage
Older couple sitting next to a young family
How to Make Living Childfree Regret-Free
Woman holding her head with her hand looking sad
5 Reasons Not to Post That Fake Pregnancy Announcement
Woman in sweater holding her head, feeling depressed and anxious due to infertility
15 Signs Infertility Has Hijacked Your Life
women watching a comedy together during the two week wait, using distraction to cope
Obsessing Over Whether You're Pregnant This Month? Here's How to Cope!
Woman leaning over the sink with her head in her hand, disappointed she got her period when she wanted to be pregnant
So You're Trying to Get Pregnant and You Got Your Period
Two people talking at a table in a restaurant
Why YOU Need to Participate In National Infertility Awareness Week
Woman looking at pregnancy test
What It Means When You're Feeling Pregnant But...
Depressed woman with infertility sits on the edge of the bed
How Infertility Can Be a Cause of Depression
Woman being comforted by her mother.
How Trying to Conceive Causes Emotional Distress
Couple with coffee and cell phone, telling people about their pregnancy
Why You Might Want to Wait When Announcing Pregnancy After Miscarriage
Couple walking on the pavement at sunset, trying to relax during stressful fertility treatments
How to Survive Your IVF, Clomid, or IUI Cycle
Letters O M G coming out from a cell phone screen, acronym you might find in fertility forums and social media sites
How to Use Acronyms Mentioned in Fertility Forums and Social Media
expectant couple sitting on sofa
8 Things No One Tells You About Conceiving After Infertility
Young couple arguing at home
12 Things Not to Say to Someone Who Is Infertile
Rainbow of pregnant bellies, how life feels when you have pregnancy envy/jealousy
Feel Like Everyone Is Pregnant But You? You've Got Pregnancy Envy...
Woman walking in nature near the woods, finding a safe place to express sadness and tears of infertility
When Infertility Brings You to Tears
Friends drinking wine and dancing in living room supporting fertile and infertility friends
What Not to Do When Supporting an Infertile Friend
Time to get some reading time in
Should You Start an Infertility Blog?
friends in a cafe, someone just asked when are you going to have a baby
How to Cope When People Ask When You're Going to Have Kids
Young women friends using cell phone and drinking coffee in cafe
How to Let an Infertile Friend or Relative Know You're Pregnant
Mother and father holding an ultrasonography of their baby
Surrogacy 101: Get the Facts
Various forms of contraception
Do You Really Need to Use Birth Control After Infertility?
A woman comforts her sad friend
What You Shouldn't Say After a Miscarriage or Infertility
Pregnant woman's belly with a blue ribbon around it
The Difference Between a Surrogate and a Gestational Carrier
two friends chatting in a cafe
The Pros and Cons of Sharing Your Infertility Struggles
Gift box with pink ribbon on white table
How Do You Become an Egg Donor?
young aunt with niece
How to Embrace Aunthood and Make a Difference in the Life of Children
Sharing coffee and a few giggles as a woman supports a friend with infertility
Have a Friend Struggling to Get Pregnant? Here's How You Can Help
Couple holding hands with a therapist
This Is How to Find a Therapist Who Can Help You With TTC Stress
Hand reaching down to help others, metaphor for infertility
10 Ways You Can Make a Difference for #Infertility
Woman therapist leading an infertility support group
Why You Should Join a RESOLVE Infertility Support Group
Unhappy couple on couch
When It's Time to See an Infertility Counselor
A woman sitting on her bed looking at a fertility forum on her computer
How to Cope With Fertility Forum Drama
Young couple lying on back, woman holding rose flower, thinking about how to cope with infertility
How to Take Back Your Life When Living With Infertility
couple watching christmas movies on laptop
13 Ways to Create Your Own Holiday Traditions Without Kids
Alchemy 43 founder Nicci Levy posing pregnant
9 Questions: Why Nicci Levy Decided To Be a Single Mother
Couple holding hands at dinner party, supporting each other during infertility
Best Ways to Cope with Family Gatherings When Dealing with Infertility

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