Feeding Twins

How to Feed Two Babies When You Have Twins

You're a parent. It's a big job. And one of your biggest responsibilities is keeping your child nourished. If you're a parent of twins, you've got two mouths to feed...at the same time. Whether you elect to breastfeed or bottle feed your twins while they are babies, you'll have to work out a way to get them fed. There are advantages and drawbacks to both methods. But no matter how you feed them, there are some strategies that can make feeding time a little bit more efficient for everyone involved. 

Making the Decision About Feeding Twins

feeding twins
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Choosing how you'll feed your babies is a big decision. Should you breastfeed or bottle feed your babies? There are many factors to consider, and every family has to determine the right answer for themselves, based on their own unique situation. Sort through the advantages and disadvantages of each method to determine which strategy works best for your family. 

How to Breastfeed Twins at the Same Time

The benefits of breastfeeding are numerous, and many moms find it convenient and economical to nurse their multiples. Since most women have two breasts, feeding twins simultaneously seems a natural choice. However, it can be a bit tricky. In the beginning, it may require an extra set of hands to maneuver infants on and off the breast, and position them correctly.

How to Bottle Feed Twins at the Same Time

Families who choose to use bottles for feeding their twins have the benefit of extra hands; Mom is not the only source of food, as she is when breastfeeding. Dad, grandparents, a nanny, or other helpers can participate in the feeding process. However, there are many times when it is necessary for one person to feed both babies at the same time, and that is when it is handy to have a strategy.

It takes some practice, but it can be very manageable to feed two babies at the same time.

How to Feed Solid Food To Twins

Feeding time remains a challenge as your twins get older. As they move to solid foods, mealtimes may move to high chairs. But, you can still feed twins together as they master solid foods and self-feeding. 

By Pamela Prindle Fierro
 Pamela Prindle Fierro is the author of several parenting books and the mother of twin girls.