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Baby sleeping in crib
Researchers Find a Biomarker That May Help Prevent SIDS
Young woman looking sad and alone in bed
How The Elimination of Legal Abortion Could Impact Teens
Children holding gay pride poster
I’m Teaching My Kids to "Say Gay," And Hoping For a Freer Future
Illustration of Mei Lei from "Turning Red," a photo of the author as a teen is in the middle.
As a Parent, I'm Glad 'Turning Red' Talks About Periods
Child on mother's shoulders holding a "Save Ukraine" sign
How to Talk to Your Kids About the War in Ukraine
Spider B. Perry, Cat, and Matt
Prosecuting the Parents of Trans Kids Only Harms Trans Folks
Buying formula online
What to Know Before Buying Baby Formula Online
Mom works at computer while holding baby
The Pandemic Offered Moms a Chance to Start Their Own Businesses
Mother breastfeeds her baby at home
4 Health Benefits of Breastfeeding for Parents
Depressed mom with baby
Study of 1 Million Moms Finds New Postpartum Depression Risk Factors
Baby drinking formula from a bottle
Baby Formula Is In Short Supply, Leaving Parents Scrambling
Toddler girl stacks coloured blocks
The CDC Updated the Developmental Milestones for Kids—What That Means
Black woman holding pregnant belly
Maternal deaths climb almost 20% from 2019 to 2020.
Baby feeding with bottle
Abbott Nutrition Recalls Several Brands of Powder Baby Formula
Kids and teacher at childcare facility
Labor shortages Leave Parents Scrambling for Childcare
Father and his two daughters exercising at home
Physical Activity Has Decreased in Children
A young teenage girl looks at her phone.
Instagram Kids' Progress Halted, Citing Concerns on Kids' Mental Health
Student carrying a lunch tray in a school cafeteria
Supply Chain Issues are Disrupting School Lunches—And Students
Mother holding newborn baby
Pregnant People with Depression May Be More Likely to Have C-sections
Sick girl in hospital bed
Doctors May Identify Which Kids' COVID Cases are Severe Before Progressing
mother breastfeeding son
Nursing Parent and Child Should Stay Together During Hospitalization
Pregnant woman prepares to receive vaccine by having her arm sanitized.
Should Pregnant People Get the COVID-19 Booster Shot?
person breastfeeding
Some Baby Formula Websites Discourage Breastfeeding
young boy asleep in a bed with a teddy bear
A Third of Kids Don't Get Enough Sleep, CDC Report Says
Woman sitting on a couch holding her pregnant belly
Study Highlights the Dangers of Smoking While Pregnant
Young child sleeping in bed.
Sleep Apnea Can Lead to Heart Problems in Children
Father with his baby in front of a Christmas tree
How to Protect Your Newborn from COVID-19 During the 2021 Holidays
Baby sleeping
Owlet Baby Smart Sock Is Off the Market—What Parents and Experts Think
child vaccine
What Are the Side Effects of the COVID-19 Vaccine in Kids?
Kids playing tennis
Physical Activity Counters Impact of Kids' Screen Time
Child shopping with father
How to Shop Safely Amid Potential Holiday Toy Shortages
Mother cutting cantaloupe for kids
Plant-Based Diets Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease in Overweight Kids
Holiday gathering outdoors
How to Gather at the Holidays When Not Everyone is Vaccinated
A classroom of students watches the teacher present.
How the Biden Administration Plans to Promote Mental Health in Schools
Baby chewing on toy
Lead Exposure Is Still a Concern—Here's How to Protect Kids
happy couple with pregnancy test
Rates of IVF Success Have Improved Over Last 10 Years, Report Shows
Woman in labor
Pregnant Mothers with HPV at Risk for Giving Premature Birth
Grocery shopping during COVID
Rising Food Price Affect Families' Grocery Store Bills
Sad girl at fence
Kids With Autism Twice As Likely to Have Thoughts of Suicide
shocked baby
Infant Curiosity May Predict Future Cognitive Abilities
Mother holding baby getting temperature taken
Toddlers and Babies More Likely to Spread COVID-19 at Home Than Teens
Birth at a hospital
How Physicians Are Making Decisions in the Delivery Room
Children playing on logs in woods
Kids' Interest in Nature Wanes in the Teen Years, Study Finds
mom and daughter doing homework
For Most Children, ADHD Continues Into Adulthood, Study Finds
Child getting a shot
How to Help Vaccine-Hesitant Young Children Combat Their Fears
Kid struggling in school
How to Support Kids in School Who Develop Long-Haul COVID
Kids in their classroom
Income Inequality Can Negatively Impact Children's Academics
Young trick or treating girl holds bucket wearing a mask
How to Stay Safe on Halloween 2021
Baby breastfeeding
Breastmilk May Improve Preterm Babies' Heart Health
Teenage boy using cell phone
Study Says Kids Who Spend More Time on Screens Have More Close Friends
person in labor
Process of Labor for Full-Term and Preterm Birth Differs, Study Finds
father and daughter watching tv
9 Fall TV Shows the Whole Family Can Enjoy
Teacher looking at books with young children
Being the Youngest in Class Could Put Your Child at a Disadvantage
Empty hospital room
Black Kids Are More Likely to Be Restrained in Emergency Rooms
Woman holding pregnant belly
Study Shows That Iron Deficiency Occurs in One Out of Two Pregnancies
Doctor talking to patient
New Study Points to the Optimal Time for IVF Success
mom helping daughter with work
Students Who Wear Needed Eyeglasses See Academic Improvement
mom with cancer playing with daughter
Why Parents Should Share a Cancer Diagnosis With Kids
Woman sitting on the couch
What the Texas Abortion Ban Means for People Seeking an Abortion
Mother holding her newborn
New Minnesota Legislation Helps Moms in Prison Bond With Their Babies

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