e.p.t. Pregnancy Test

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The Bottom Line

A user-friendly pregnancy test kit that is reliable and easy to find


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to read -- Positive results must be read within ten minutes of the test.
  • Accurate


  • No cover for the tip, leaving urine window exposed on the back


  • You can use this test kit the day your period is late. It supposedly measures 15 mIU of hCG.
  • Instructions come in English and Spanish, including excellent diagrams photographs. You can also read more instructions online.
  • Separate testing and control windows
  • 800 number for questions about the test

Review of ept Pregnancy Test

The e.p.t. Pregnancy Test has been around since 1977, which is a long time in terms of at-home testing products. The good news is that a lot has changed since the early days. This is a one-step test that can use urine from any time of day.

The test is considered 99% accurate in laboratory testing. This is true if you are using the test on the day that your period is due. If you use the pregnancy test prior to that time frame, you are going to have less ​accuracy.

This test kit comes with two pregnancy tests. This is good because one never seems to be enough. If you get a result that is confusing, you will want to redo the test. Sometimes you can save the test for another pregnancy, assuming the expiration date hasn't passed.

We set out to test five different pregnancy tests. The separate control window from the e.p.t. test window was nice. We also got a positive at 45 seconds, our second fastest results, with someone who was 5 weeks, 0 days pregnant.

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