Emily Rose, General Manager Verywell Family

Emily Rose

VP & General Manager, Verywell Family


Digital Publishing, Parenting


Fairfield University



Emily is a digital content veteran with a powerful set of leadership skills honed throughout her various roles at Verywell. She is currently the VP & General Manager of Verywell Family, where she leads the brand’s mission to support you through all the stages of pregnancy and parenthood.

Emily began her Dotdash Meredith career in 2012 as an Associate Editor, when the brand was still About.com. In 2016, she joined the Verywell team and led the brand’s social media strategy during its launch. In more recent years, she returned to her writing and editing roots to lead the Verywell Fit, Verywell Family, and Verywell Mind verticals as the Editorial Director. She was previously the Associate General Manager of Verywell Mind, the largest mental health information site.

Emily is a true cheerleader for health and wellness and cares deeply about helping others care for their mental and physical health. In 2021, she was honored to be a recipient of the PM360 ELITE 100 award in the Leaders of the Future category.

Prior to joining Dotdash Meredith and Verywell, Emily held editorial staff positions at AOL and NJ Monthly Magazine. Her writing has appeared in numerous outlets, including HuffPost, where she blogged about running her first New York City marathon in 2011, as well as Daily Burn and Greatist.


Emily holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from Fairfield University, though her favorite semester of college was the one she spent studying abroad in Brisbane, Australia.

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