4 Great Email Providers for Kids

As more and more kid-friendly online services require accounts and email addresses to use them, parents are finding that their kids are wanting email addresses sooner. Kids can also use email addresses to connect with friends and relatives.

For parents, this brings up important concerns around online safety. But don't panic, there are programs out there that provide protected email for young kids.

Most child-friendly email options make use of a restricted list of approved email addresses as determined by parents. Spam and other unwanted messages generally can't get through. So, you don't have to worry about strangers or solicitors emailing your child.

Parents should keep their child's tech skills in mind when setting rules for computer and email use. Be aware that a technologically savvy child who feels that their privacy is being invaded may seek alternative free, unrestricted email options or "hack" the limits put on their sanctioned accounts without their parent's knowledge.

We've gathered the best of the child-friendly email options out there for you to consider. Each service differs slightly ​in what it provides, so there's sure to be one that meets your specific needs. 


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ZillaMail is a free email service with built-in safety features that allow parents to set up "Buddy Lists" for their kids and filter out profanity or other specific phrases (such as a home address). There is no spam, so no risk of kids getting or sending emails to unknown sources.

Parents also have the option to receive a blind carbon copy (bcc) of all messages to their own account in order to track their child's activities. Additional features include customizable display screen "skins," such as music, sports, or slime.

For younger children, ZillaMail can read mail out loud, which is a great way to help early readers and those with reading challenges to access email. The site also includes access to a variety of games.


KidsEmail is a comprehensive web-based email program that allows parents to choose between a white list (limiting use to a list of approved senders) and a blacklist (that blocks out specific unwanted senders). The site offers sophisticated filters and parent controls, such as time limits, parent blind carbon copies, and the ability to block out images and certain types of attachments.

You're allowed up to four child emails per adult account. 

Another excellent feature is that you can differentiate between teen and child accounts, giving more freedom (while still providing age-appropriate protection) as kids grow up. Additionally, emails that fail the "safety rules" you set up go to an email queue that you can review.

That way, you'll see who is attempting contact with your child. Plus, you have the opportunity to let through those that merit approval or continue to block them.


Tocomail is a comprehensive email app, with free and paid options, likely to appeal to tweens and teens as much as parents. While parents can utilize all the safety features, such as managing contact lists, perusing unauthorized emails in the "Quarantine box," and filtering out profanity, kids will enjoy all the cool extras this site offers.

Kids can create personalized avatars and customize their messages via the site's fun "drawing board." This feature includes postcards, stamps, and pens and brushes to create unique images and attachments.

Account protections can also be customized for older or younger children, letting you balance the appropriate levels of freedom and screening needed for your child.

By Christy Matte
Christy Matte is a die-hard techie and writer who has a passion for informal education environments, children, and lifelong learning.