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Hi Working Mama!  My name is Liz McGrory.  I have three children who are 8, 6, and 3, have been married for ten years, and have a house a little north of Boston, Massachusetts.  I run my own company, Coach LizzyMc ~ Working Mom coach and before that I was in IT for over a decade.

I’ve been through three maternity leaves and the last one I did not return to work so I could focus on my business.  I breastfed and pumped for a whole year with my first child, breastfed and pumped for four months and then used formula with my second (who was colicky and had acid reflux), and breastfed my last for I’m not sure how long because by then I had three children. 

With three kids I’ve experienced different types of child care such as a home daycare, a daycare center, a live-out nanny, a pre-school, and now I’m home with one while the others are in elementary school.

I’ve learned how to cook and bake gluten-free and nut-free because of allergies we’ve discovered over the last year, and boy that was not fun.  Now I feel at ease to serve dinner and birthday cakes because no one will be harmed by what I cook and we are eating healthier.

Career-wise, I’ve experienced promotion from going the extra mile and being a go-to person.  I worked hard while pregnant in hopes of career advancement and then experienced the let down when things didn’t work out.  I got burned out and had that scary feeling of not knowing what my next career steps would be.  Then I got brave, changed career paths, went back to school while working full time, started a company, and then left the corporate world.

I feel like I’ve been through it all.

I tried to have it all, do it all, and balance it all.  I became a life and career coach for working moms because I didn’t want other working moms to suffer like I did.  I share the tricks I’ve learned here on About.com as their Working Mom Expert and on my business site, The Mommy Energy blog.

Working motherhood is hard, no matter what.  Many new working moms ask “Why didn’t anyone warn me it’d be this hard?” I consider it my job to forewarn you of the journey ahead, to make you feel that you’re not alone in your struggles, and to give you hope that you can do this.  Because you can.


  • Certified Professional Coach who offers life and career coaching as a Working Mom Coach.
  • For 5 years she's run her own company Coach LizzyMc ~ Working Mom Coach.  Her mission is to change the working mom culture one working mom at a time by guiding Working Moms to be an audacious boss of their Mommy Energy.
  • Author of the book, “Igniting Mommy Energy,”
  • Speaker
  • Blogger at The Mommy Energy blog and offers a weekly ezine, The Mommy Energy ezine.
  • Named Coach of the Year by the International Coach Federation of New England in 2013.


  • Certified Professional Coach from CoachU.
  • B.S. in Business Information Systems from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

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"What you think about your bring about."

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