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Liz McGrory
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Liz McGrory is a former writer for Verywell Family covering working moms. She runs her own company, Coach LizzyMc ~ Working Mom coach, launched in 2011. Her mission is to change the working mom culture one working mom at a time.

She is a public speaker, and author of the book Igniting Mommy Energy. In 2013, she was named Coach of the Year by the International Coach Federation of New England.

After three maternity leaves, Liz left work to focus entirely on her business. With three kids, she's experienced different types of child care such as a home daycare, a daycare center, a live-out nanny, a pre-school, and more.

Career-wise, she understands the hope for career advancement and the experience of being let down when things didn’t work out. She knows the scary feeling of not knowing what your next career steps will be.  That's why she became a life and career coach for working moms, to help others like her navigate these issues.


  • Certified Professional Coach from CoachU.
  • BS in Business Information Systems from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

A Word From Elizabeth McGrory

Working motherhood is hard, no matter what.  Many new working moms ask “Why didn’t anyone warn me it’d be this hard?” I consider it my job to forewarn you of the journey ahead, to make you feel that you’re not alone in your struggles, and to give you hope that you can do this. Because you can.

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